Why the cat sneezes

Why the cat sneezes

We have every sneezing climb to the Internet, but for some reason, turn a blind eye when the cat sneezes .catapchiSingle cat sneeze brings a smile (puss so funny at the time). But constantly repeating “up-Chi” – is an occasion to look through the medical directory or call the vet.

Cat allergy – it is dusty

Cats – delicate animals and owners hint that it is unpleasant to smoke or smell of luxury perfumes, they are not able to.

But for each owner purring clear signal must be received Chikhi cat. We note that after your smoke breaks or after the use of a pleasant, in your opinion, the toilet water the cat sneezes and transparent liquid is released from the nasal passages?

As far as possible, to protect pet from inhaling tobacco and essential oils that irritate his nasal passages.

Of course, smoking and throttled in the stairwell or outside the home – not a lot of fun, but the health of the stands. If you ignore a cat Chikhi, the problem may be exacerbated.

To be added sneezing coughing, watery. Cat allergies – it is troublesome for the hosts and extremely unpleasant for the cat itself.

However, there are times when the guard cat allergen is not possible. Dust, mold, tool for washing floors can also cause allergic reactions in the gentle creatures.

Identify the source of cat allergies and prescribe treatment to help a knowledgeable veterinarian.


The most common reason why a cat sneezes in veterinaries are called secondary bacterial infection, and herpes virus.

In these cases, no antibiotics Mike Farley on his feet does not deliver. Only these drugs can relieve nasal cat’s nose and stop the flow of grayish or greenish mucus.

Experiments with the selection of drugs is better not to spend. The best assistant in this situation would be a veterinarian.

The doctor will prescribe a medicine, focusing on the extent of the disease and on the breed of the animal. By the way, the Siamese, and other cats with flat muzzles are subject to sneeze more than its other counterparts.

full abscess

Oddly enough, but the cat may sneeze and due to dental problems. Gum disease, tooth abscess trigger runny nose mustached – striped.

Unambiguous signs of dental problems is a bad smell from the mouth of a cat. Runny nose with the secondary.

Find the aching tooth, and even more so, not to cure it so easy without professional help cat owners.

Causing a veterinarian or veterinary clinic in bringing Fluffy, you will protect the animal from pain and shortness of breath. As a rule, the treatment of such problems cats experience easy and soon cease to sneeze.

foreign origin

Similar symptoms – sneezing, mucus with a bad odor – may be a sign of a foreign body in the nose cat. Make sure that your playful restless accidentally inhaled a fine ball, speck or other foreign object.

Remove it and you can own. Just do not forget to disinfect cat’s nose – in the nasal cavity should not remain any debris or liquid.

Prolonged Chikhi – this is serious

Often careless owners do not pay attention to the long cat Chikhi. And seek veterinary care with the question of what to do if a cat sneezes, when the animal is already progressing cancer of the nasal cavity.

Legitimate concern should cause blood in the mucus, which vychihivaet pet.

As a rule, this is preceded by prolonged sneezing and lethargy ward. The longer the delay the visit to the vet, the more difficult it will be the process of chemotherapy.

Therefore it is necessary to look at the sneezer cat and focus efforts on its prompt healing.

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