Why giving bone to your dog can be dangerous?

Why giving bone to your dog can be dangerous?

Many people are used to offer bones to their pets . The bones are able to distract the dog, as well as assist in cleaning the teeth , the removal of tartar and also the plaque . Despite the advantages , they can also be harmful to the animals and for this reason it is important to know what are the dangers of intake of these bones .

This week in Pet Care had a case ClĂ­nic that of a breed puppy Border Collie 8 years who ate a beef bone (rib) and stood in the esophagus, causing vomiting and loss of appetite . In this case, the bone could be removed by endoscopy , but many animals are referred to surgery .

The chicken bones, beef rib and chews are the most offered to the animals, but they are the types most dangerous to cause problems, such as gagging, partial or complete obstruction of the esophagus and gastrointestinal organs perforation, leading to serious infections , the animal may lead to death .

Ideally, the bone chosen for your pet is large and sturdy so there are no problems. But even choosing the right bone, does not eliminate the need for caution in the contact dog bone, as with time and chewed the bone becomes increasingly smaller, facilitating the ingestion by the dog, already causing problems cited.

An important tip for anyone who wishes to give bones to your dog is to always provide bones that have at least the double of the animal ‘s mouth size when open, throw the bone off when it is decreasing in size, therefore, he will never swallow all at once, reducing the possible risks.

Also remember to always consult a veterinarian quickly if your pet displays any change after swallow bones and choke.

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