Why does the dog take away his paws?

Why does the dog take away his paws?

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Sometimes pet owners of dogs are faced with a serious problem – the dog taken away legs. This often happens because of an accident or other accident,but some breeds have a genetic tendency to develop paralysis of the hind limbs.

Most often, bad luck happens suddenly and powerfully shocking owners. Therefore, they must know what to do if the dog refused hind legs.

The dog hurt paw


All owners of pets need to understand why a dog’s hind legs refuse, and what to do in such a situation. Yourself to do anything can be dangerous to dogs: spinal cord injury it can cause paralysis and even death of the animal.

Therefore, if there are signs of problems with the limbs, or have already lost the paw of a dog, you need to take the animal to a veterinary clinic. Sometimes just an instant decision can save a dog’s life and preserve health.

The reasons that can be taken away from the clutches of the dog, are quite varied:

  1. Genetic defects inherent in a number of species, the highest exposure of man. This is especially common in breeds with an overly long body and short legs. When the selection of breeding individuals were selected with a deformed body, while fixing inherited trait animal and his defects – pathology of the spine and pelvic bone structure, eventually leading to various diseases.
  2. Arthritis – a common causes of violations of the mobility of the limbs. Very often suffer from this old dog. Worn joints causing severe pain, because of what the legs become weak, sick animal to stand up. When driving can be diminished nerve endings, so the dog is limping, or hind legs she can podkashivatsya, partially or completely not work.
  3. Tumors that develop in close proximity to the spine, pelvis and hip joints, and can grow physically impede mobility or become the cause pinched nerves that control the movements of the paws.
  4. Trauma of various kinds – downs, bad traffic, sharp turns at running, jumping, biting other animals hit by a car, accompanied by fractures, sprains, tendon rupture can also cause complete or partial paralysis of the hind limbs motionless. The most common reasons for dog becomes disabled – is an accident involving a vehicle. Chasing something or someone, the dog can get under the wheels. spinal injury or pelvic bones can cause paralysis of the limbs or body parts.

Any suspicion of the existence of problems with the spinal cord, which threaten paralysis requires a medical consultation and a full survey in a veterinary clinic.

A veterinarian will examine the dog


If an animal is denied hind legs after an accident or other trauma, the owners are willing in principle to the case of complications. Another thing, when the disease apparently does not occur. Problems arise as a bolt from the blue.

The animal simply are weak legs, it reeling, trying to get up, whining, suffering, and the owners can not understand how it happened. Sometimes a dog can not stand up on its hind legs immediately after sleep, in other cases, everything happens on the external complete well-being.

Notice the problem can be very difficult as long as the animal starts to limp, or simply can not move. Sometimes the disease begins with pain at sharp movements, which turns into a strong sharp pain. Animal suffering during movement, so try to limit their mobility.

Hosts can detect the disease to change the dog’s behavior – it is a lot, no longer run, play, reluctantly and slowly rises and goes to call the owner. Gait The dog becomes shaky, uncertain, he moves with obvious difficulty, can podvolakivat leg or limp.

Heavy, “raw” type dogs St. Bernard often suffer from hip dysplasia. A characteristic feature of the disease is the stiffness after sleep or long rest and then during the day mobility is restored, and the next day everything is repeated.

Paralysis rarely develop in the front half of the body, most dogs arthritis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis, discopathy and other spinal problems often diagnosed in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Dog rolled off the couch

Sometimes the animal’s legs gave way under can immediately after the failure of the jump, turn. This does not mean that it is an awkward movement was the cause paresis or paralysis. Most likely, the disease is hidden evolved for a long time, and the sudden movement was simply a catalyst to accelerate its manifestation.

What measures can be taken

Treat the disease can only be experienced veterinarian. This is a very complex pathology, requires a precise diagnosis. For injuries may need emergency surgery, especially if the animal’s paw is broken or there is a suspicion of damage to the pelvis or spine.

Means for treatment of animals with lesions of the joints, spine, pelvis and spinal cord similar to those used for people with the same problems. But to use their own “human” drugs for dogs, especially small breeds can be very risky.

Select the drug and the right dose can only be a veterinarian who is familiar with this problem. Sometimes the only cause greater harm can be inept treatment. Especially dangerous in this regard may be massages and thermal treatments without a doctor’s permission.

Treatment is particularly effective if you have time to see a doctor to the development of paresis and paralysis until the dog is suffering only from pain. At this time the body is still sensitive to the action of drugs, and this may prevent onset of irreversible changes.

Before the visit to the doctor should not be given painkillers, as they may distort the picture of the disease. In case of injury the animal need to be taken to a veterinary clinic in such a way that it is prevented from moving. Otherwise, under the influence of pain the dog may further aggravate their condition, causing the displacement of broken bones, nerve damage or vascular ruptures, threatening bleeding.

The dog is on the table at the vet

Due to take away the limbs dog is experiencing strong anxiety, nervous and yelps in pain, if you touch the affected area of ​​the body. You need to give it complete rest, and the doctor will take appropriate measures after diagnosis. It may include x-rays of the damaged area of ​​the body, ultrasound of internal organs, if the animal is injured in an accident, myelography, blood and urine tests, and other procedures for appointment of specialists.

Paws the dog can take away shortly after the appearance of pain. If the process has just started, it is hoped that stillness will be temporary. You can not do massages, or try to force the dog to walk, it can aggravate her condition. In old animals often have problems with their feet.

They require complex treatment, changes in diet, special devices with total paralysis, as well as in the presence of the spine and pelvis injuries with spinal cord injury.

Treatment of these diseases is long and complex, always complex. It depends on the age of the animal, the severity and extent of damage, presence of other diseases, especially chronic that can exacerbate damage. Usually assigned a number of different drugs, the list of which includes pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, vitamin, or other immunomodulating agents.

In the case of surgical interventions, antibiotics can be used strong injury with bleeding, fractures and tissue injury, hemostatic, antihistamines, and other means.

You need to pay attention to diet and recovering animals. It should be balanced, high-calorie, rich in calcium to accelerate the accretion of the damaged bone, but at the same time easy enough to digest a sick animal.

Severe illness in pets – a serious test for their owners, but do not lull the four-legged friend only because of the paralyzed hind legs. If the doctor gives a favorable prognosis, he has a chance to completely normal life.

Dog in a wheelchair

Even when completely paralyzed hind legs sick or injured doggie briskly moved on special wheelchair and did not feel inferior. They just enjoy life.

How to avoid problems with the hind legs

If neurological disorders or joint problems have a genetic basis, the owner is unlikely that it will be able to do, at least, if the dog is already paralyzed. But if advised of the possibility of paralysis of the limbs, the owners will be able to detect the disease at an early stage, time to take action and seek medical help.

Knowledge will help to avoid the bitter regret when looking back, the owners understand that they had a chance to protect and save your pet.

In the case of injury or onset of paralysis due to the formation of the tumor early treatment can save the life of the animal. Sometimes a problem with the rear legs may appear in a dog due to slippery floors in the apartment, located dangerously decor items that can drop the dog itself.

A good host will try to minimize the risk to the health of the dog, will remove dangerous items on a special rubber pad under the carpet and make sure the animal to walk in the safest possible conditions.

dog lies

Quick and thoughtful actions even when the disease may protect the animal from total paralysis, if you are very lucky, you keep him mobility. Dog will live, and this is the highest award of the owners.

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