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Why does my dog ​​rub the “butt” on the floor Benthic, usually after defecating?

Anything that causes pain , itching , or irritation of the region can cause the animal to do this.

Pruritus or itching in the anal area

Perineal itching is caused by remnants of feces stuck in hair, inflammation of the anal gland, food allergies, presence of fleas, dermatitis caused by bacteria and fungi , parasites like intestinal hookworms (dipilidium) or even caused by perfumes, soaps or sprays.

Main causes

– Food allergy is one of the most common causes of itching in the anal region. Usually the animal in this situation scratch the anal region, feet and face.

The fleas are attracted to the perianal area by staying safely out of reach of the mouth of your pet. With the bite of fleas, the animal tries to bite the regiaã and can drag the “butt” on the floor to scratch it.

Bacteria and yeast can infect the skin around the tail and cause intense itching without leaving external signs, only one local redness.

Vermes bowel known as dipilidium cause irritation and itching to get out of the anus.

Hygiene products , especially when applied directly on the perineal area to cover up the stench can cause local irritation and itching.

gland inflammation Adanal cause discomfort and local pain causing animl be irritated and estregue the “butt” in the dog or even lick the region repeatedly.

If your pet has this behavior, look for the veterinarian to identify the cause of the itching.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians by telephone 3743 2142.

Tomorrow in our Blog will talk about Flash Glandula Adanal.

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