Why do dogs smell the “butt” of each other?

the dogs smell Why the “butt” of each other? 

All dogs and cats have two bags or two glands under the skin near the anus. They are round about the size of a pea in small animals and a grape in italy large animals. They secrete a liquid very fetid brown color that is deleted automatically whenever defecates. This material with this foul odor serves to mark territory and its smell passes a series deinformações other dogs.

So they always smell like perinal region of the other when they meet. This gland as well as other scattered the bodies of cats and dogs secrete pheromones communication .

In normal situations these glands are not visible. If you can identify or if your pet is very troubled, licking or scratching in the region is because it has a problem and should be evaluated.

Causes inflammation of the gland Adanal:

– Pets eating diets low in fiber. Many feeds nowadays to decrease the volume of stool is low proportion of fiber in their composition. In such cases the feces do not compress the glands when defecate not emptying them.

– Animals with food allergies and itching in the anal area.

– Pets whose glands are emptied frequently, but not quite.

– Pets that are not doing enough exercise to stimulate bowel movements.

– dehydrated animals such as older or with kidney disease animals.

Inflammation and Abscess:

In this situation the area becomes red , sore and bothers the animal. With inflamed ducts material can not be eliminated, getting dry and hard. If this secretion is not eliminated natualmente normally seen an abscess and drains the skin forming a wound with much bleeding, pain and desconfroto for the animal.

At this time the treatment should be done with local cleaning , dressings, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. We should not forget the protective collar to lick in the region.

If you can identify the problem before abcedar (turn wound) your veterinarian can “tighten” the gland and to clean it will turn preventing a wound and lead to faster treatment.

In animals with recurrent episodes of inflammation and / or gland abscess recommend surgical removal of the glands under inhalation anesthesia.

If your pet is uncomfortable, very licking the perineal region or dragging the “butt” on the ground, see your veterinarian to evaluate the possibility of inflammation of the anal gland.

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