Why did the dogs scan the trash cans?

Why did the dogs scan the trash cans?

Garbage cans are not a suitable toy for animals, though they think so. Dogs and cats are curious animals, and if you combine that curiosity with their appetites, you have a recipe for disaster: or your pet may be sick or will at least have a mess in your kitchen!

They reviewed the trash cans by the desire to eat food simply. Even if your pet is not necessarily hungry at the time, he remarkably will go to the trash can because of the smell (it feels much stronger than we), where you can discover some very exciting remains of “people food”. If you threw away the leftovers, your pet will smell and will be there in two seconds!

trash cans can be a source of many serious hazards such as toxic foods (grapes, onions, chocolate), medicinal, dental floss or something else. It may be something that your pet can choke or something that is toxic. It may be something that it stopped in the stomach or intestines, needing surgery to remove these objects.

They can also contain bacteria that will make your pet get sick, as is the case of botulism caused by Clostridium perfringens – symptoms ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to paralysis, and your pet will not even stand up.

Do what you can to prevent your pet stay near their garbage cans, place lids and in places that are impossible to achieve. If you have room, put small trash cans in cabinets with doors. Also consider using a gate to prevent your pet curious to get into an area where is the garbage can.

When it comes to health and safety of your pet, no effort is too much. If this happens, call your veterinarian!

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