Why can a dog have elevated bilirubin?

Why can a dog have elevated bilirubin?

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Bilirubin is none other than the pigment yellowish red color, a part of the bile. It is formed by cleavage of protein components gemosoderzhaschihBlood: hemoglobin (mostly), cytochrome, myoglobin. In the blood serum includes direct and indirect bilirubin.

Together these make up the general form of bilirubin, which analysis is made idea of ​​how the liver.

The liver of a dog

The causes of the disease

The following are considered normal parameters bilirubin level: 0.02-0.4 mg%. If analysis shows an increase in the serum of the blood pigment, so the pathological processes occurring in the dog’s body, such as:

  • hepatitis;
  • Malignant neoplasms of the liver;
  • cirrhosis (primary);
  • liver intoxication by toxic or receiving drugs.

Increased total bilirubin can be the decay of the liver cells and biliary tract blockage, and direct increases in cases of leptospirosis, chronic hepatic pathologies, suppurative lesions of liver and biliary tract bile stasis.

In addition, the pigment may be elevated in vitamin B12 deficiency in the dog’s body.

Diagnostics vetklinike

To determine the bilirubin in the blood will require biochemical blood tests that will reveal the hidden pathology in the animal. Comparing this with the clinical signs of a comprehensive analysis, the expert can pinpoint the affected organ.

A veterinarian inspects Shepherd

The analysis, which reflects the work of the enzyme systems of the body in the state of blood, done on an empty stomach, to physiotherapy and medical procedures. Blood is taken from a vein.

Methods of treatment and prognosis

The vet prescribes treatment diagnosis. For each disease has its own method. Treatment constructed on maintaining liver, protecting it from adverse factors as well as on increasing bile flow. This is a lengthy process that requires considerable exposure of the dog owner.

In identifying at an early stage of disease, veterinarians give a positive prognosis.

What to do at home

Every dog ​​owner should strictly observe the specialist, to provide pet quality care and complete diet. Self-medication is dangerous and can make the situation worse.

During treatment, you need to make adjustments in diet. Protein foods should be reduced to a minimum, preferring meals containing complex carbohydrates. It is advisable to feed the pet groats (buckwheat, rice, oats), vegetables. Entirely from meat and fish should not refuse, but to use low-fat varieties. Will be useful dairy products, jelly.

dog eats

Nutrition should be a fraction. If your dog is overweight, it is necessary to reduce the caloric intake. Treatment is a mandatory element vitamins of group B.

To restore the digestive tract is a salt of Carlsbad, for removing bile excreted – large quantities of water and herbal teas.

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