Which pet is right for you?

Which pet is right for you? 

It is important to assess the degree of race activity consistent with your lifestyle


is the ideal pet for:
Who has willingness and time to devote. The dogs are playful and affectionate, so need attention. The personality of dogs varies according to race: bulldogs, for example, are slower, while Border Collies have energy to spare. Assess the degree of animal activity consistent with their lifestyle: a dog to run with you in the park or to caress the couch? Choose a suitable animal the size of the house or apartment is also essential.

They need: Daily tours, feeding two to three times daily and biweekly bathing. Obedience training is also essential – nobody wants a dog destroying the couch and peeing out of place.

Think twice if: You’re away from home for long periods, has no established routine or travel a lot. Who has a very active life should include the dog in part of the activities, or opt for a more independent animal. Financial considerations also weigh: create a dog costs on average US $ 1,500 a year.


It’s the ideal pet for: Those who live in small places or does not spend much time at home. Sociable and affectionate, the cat is more independent than a dog and is well alone while the owner goes out to work. In general request less energy than a dog owner.

They need: A corner with a sandbox for them to make their needs, and food twice a day. Good choice is to invest in scratching posts and toys that avoid major damage to furniture – after all, they need to sharpen their nails somewhere. Install protective screens in the windows of the apartments and avoids accidents (they play the same!). For cats who leave home alone, castration is important to avoid fights and unplanned pups. And if it goes much of the day away from home, consider having two cats together – they make each other company.

Think twice if: You travel for long periods. Unlike the dog, who loves to walk on a leash, it is not easy to take the cat everywhere, and he can not bear to stay long alone at home. Worth getting smart with the furniture. If you are very attached to mobile, forget it ! They rise at all and to spoil a little bit with your nails. Some people with allergies suffer from the hair.

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