We often have more than one cat in the house and some measures must be taken to avoid stress.

If you will introduce a new cat in the house and already have another (s), we recommend that the process is gradual. Place pheromone (making vaporizer) in the environment to go calming older cats and do not forget to take the exams for diagnosing AIDS and FELINE LEUKEMIA (blood test) in the new animal.

Every home should have one litter box for each cat litter, that is to say, if we have three cats have 3 boxes health. These should be well separated from each other, ie, preferably in different environments.

Likewise do with pots of food and water.

If you have to take one of the cats to the vet, to keep the peace in a house with many cats in the back of the query?

Cats are very sensitive to different smells. A cat that has been to the vet, bathed or simply spent the day away from home, you can come back with a strange smell that other house cats will not recognize. May occur aggressive behavior with this cat was out. These tips can help prevent problems between house cats:

– Let the cat inside the box for a few minutes to observe the reaction of those who stayed at home.

– If all are apparently calm, let the cat out of the box.

– If you notice that there is tension between cats or have there been any conflict situation, take the cat to a separate bedroom. Leave it with food, water and litter box for at least 24 hours while regains the smell of home.

– If there is still conflict, talk to your vet for more advice approach.

– The synthetic pheromone is also shown at this stage.

For future visits:

– use a familiar clothes to leave in the transportation box, this helps retain the smell of home;

– take both cats to the vet, so the two will come back with the same smell.

What are the best shipping boxes?

Best shipping boxes are rigid, open underneath and above and have affordable price. Easy removing covers the upper portion allows the physical examination of aggressive animals, frightened and in pain. Avoid shipping boxes where there is only option cat out the front, usually they need to be pulled and forced to leave. This is not a good start.

Choose boxes that are safe, with firm and easy to carry background. The box should be secured to the car seat belt, so the box is firmer and safer cat. Some cats like to look out the window, others prefer the box is covered with a towel to not have contact visual with the external environment.

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