When should I vaccinate my puppy?

When shouldnt I vaccinate my puppy? 


Our recommendation is that the vaccination protocol for healthy puppies will start with 6-8 weeks of age, as an aid in preventing Distemper , Hepatitis , Infectious Canine, Adenovirus Canine Type 2 Coronavirus Canine Parainfluenza Canine, Parvovirus Canine and Leptospirosis canine, antigens present in most polyvalent vaccines known in the market as “V8” and “V10”.

It is known that the presence of maternal antibodies interfere with the development of active immunity. Therefore, puppies should be revaccinated every 3 or 4 weeks to at least 12 weeks old.

Dogs older than 12 weeks old should receive a dose of polyvalent vaccine (V8 and V10) and a second dose after 3 or 4 weeks. The proper response to vaccination is directly linked to immune competence of each animal.

Therefore, before starting the vaccination schedule for puppies, the animal must be assessed by the Clinical. Once verified that the puppy is in good health will be recommended a stool test (parasitological) and the treatment compared to the result of the examination.

The vaccination protocol, which will run for the next three months of the animal life only then will start. This first consultation call at the Veterinary Hospital Pet Care of “First Puppies consultation” gives you the right to clinical evaluation (consultation), stool test and the first dose of vaccine, even if they are not made the same day and usually not the are.

For all these procedures is paid the value of a query. The aim of this protocol is to make sure we are vaccinating only healthy dogs, which will reflect decisively on the expected vaccine immune response.

From the first dose of vaccine for dogs, the animal must return to the hospital every month for the next 2 to 3 months to strengthen the V8 or V10 vaccine (total of 3 doses), as well as the vaccine against “canine flu” ( Canine adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza Canine and Bordetella bronchiseptica -two doses), giardiasis vaccine (two doses) and last month (after 12 weeks of age) for the vaccine in a single dose against rabies.

This vaccination period is a period where we will strengthen our relationship and where you will also receive all the necessary information management and preventive medical care that will be of extreme importance in quality of life and longevity of your pet.

Thereafter the animal is vaccinated annually with a dose of each vaccine (one dose V8 and V10, a dose of Bordetella, giardia and a dose of anti-rabies dose). For those dogs living in an endemic area for leptospirosis or have contact with rodents recommend annual booster against interspersed leptospirosis after six months of annual vaccination.

This period of vaccination and annual booster can be decisive in your pet’s quality of life and work is the main point of preventive veterinary medicine for small animals. If you are thinking of offering health for your pet, schedule “First Puppies consultation” or annual vaccination of your pet in the Veterinary Hospital Pet Care.

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