When Do We Dedetize or Routine the House

When Do We Dedetize or the House Routine 

Often the presence of insects in the house as fleas, cockroaches, ticks, termites , etc., induce the owners to seek a service from a dedetizadora.

Preferably seek to know more about the company that are hiring and have references from a friend or acquaintance about dedetizadora . In addition to the amounts charged are different from one company to another, many professionals and do the right service, not solving the problem.

This can become a problem for us when we diagnose a health problem in an animal that has p ulgas or ticks , and recommend detetizar the environment and then the owner says detetizou the house but the problem has not been resolved.

Another problem is when the pest control poisons animals . Some severe form that can come to death . Whenever a house is detetizada animals should be removed from the home for at least 24 hours (or more). Cats are very sensitive and need to stay out longer.

One tip is to ask the poison name that will be used and talk to your veterinarian about how long you think the animal must be removed from the house. Birds must be taken at least 1 week.

One thing is certain: the stronger the product, the greater its effectiveness against insects , but at the same time more dangerous it will be for our animals . We recommend back of the animal after 24 hours or more and having made the cleaning of the entire house floor.

As for rodent control , we have to remember that the poison put to kill animals kill rats and also the attractive it is to be highly palatable, causing dogs and cats to feel the smell of the product will want to ingest it too.

In this case the care is even greater because we have to remove the animals from the house or confine them in an area where it has not put the poison.

The company Pest control must provide a map of where they placed the baits in the house, which should be withdrawn within up to a week após.Muitas times animals find these baits because the rats were loaded elsewhere.

Often the animals eat a rat poison . So derat or detetizar a house requires a lot of care to not intoxicarmos our animals.

Remember, always observe our beloved animals to see if they have any changes that might indicate that they are intoxicated as:

– Vomiting

– Diarrhea

– Lack of appetite

– excessive salivation,

– Tremors or seizures

– Bleeding

– red or purple spots on the skin

– incoordination, etc.

Most poisons have an antidote, but it depends on the ingested or inhaled quantity, sensitivity animals , we know the exact name of the product in order to enter medication (antidote) and try to save the animal.


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