What to do when your House / Apartment smells like your Dog and / or Cat?

What to do When your House / Apartment smells like your Dog and / or Cat?

To begin this topic, it is important to note that not all dogs and cats have, or leave, your home / apartment, with strong odors and / or smelly .

Many people complain that pets leave fort smell and throughout the house, and we can avoid these through some very simple steps.

These smells are caused by several factors, of which the two most striking are: own odors coming from animals and especially the odor of urine for the environment.

If your pet Pets have a strong odor , it is important that it pass under evaluation with a veterinarian as it may be a result of some problem skin, ears, mouth or even a metabolic problem.

Regarding the odor environment in many places (websites, blogs, forums, etc.) found several homemade tips to eliminate these odors, such as: creolina diluted in water, bleach mixed with water, vinegar and water or alcohol, soap or vinegar and white vinegar with cornstarch, etc.

We have to be very careful with these recipes, because in addition to not work right, some of them can cause serious problems in our pets (use of creosote, chlorine, etc.).

The best way to keep our environment without these odors is to keep it clean.

Initially, it is essential vacuuming throughout the house (carpets, wood flooring, sofas, corners, etc.), to dust and by staying in these places.

After that, we can apply those cleaning products known (See, Pinho Bril, Sanol, Cleans Carpet, Lysol etc.), especially in places that focus these odors.

Many people think that the process end there because the house is fragrant , but these products just end up concealing the problem.

This is because most of these products do not break the molecule that serves as a reference for the smell of animals, meaning they have that much more acute sense of smell than ours, still smelling and returns to urinate or defecate in the same place.

Therefore, we can only solve this problem in a third step, when using specific products that have a compound enzyme , usually formed by decomposing microorganisms and urine remains feces, eliminating any odor that animals can feel, leaving the fully environment free odors .

But very careful in buying these products because we have several products / disinfectants on the market, the label says that eliminates all odors but lack the enzyme composition, ie not totally eliminate the problem.

Some examples of products with the compound enzyme are:



– remover of stains and odors from the Animal World, etc.

With regard to cats, you need to sand boxes are exchanged frequently, and that we avoid using ammonia-based, as this component can encourage them to urinate in places where we use these products.

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