What is the origin of the dog breeds?

By all it is known that the dog descends from the wolf. Actually we can say that it is a wolf that was domesticated by man when he stopped being a nomad, although there is a certain controversy regarding this assertion. The question is: Where do the different breeds of dogs come from?

Today there are more than 400 breeds of dogs or scientifically said, Canis lupus familiars.

The oldest dog discovered to date is 31,700 years old, found in a cave in Belgium. It could be associated with the last Neandertals or the first Homo sapiens that arrived in Europe.

The dog breeds as the invention of man

We can say that the oldest groups of dogs, which are the most similar to their wolf ancestors, are mainly the Asian and African races.

The important thing regarding dog breeds is to take into account two factors:

  • The dog is a species with the ability to mutate very quickly in a few generations, which facilitates the proliferation of breeds.
  • The man has always molded the dog for his service, that is, if he was looking for a fast dog, he crossed fast dogs, he looked for a loyal dog, he crossed loyal dogs, if he looked for a small dog, he crossed a small dog …

Although the dog breeds date back thousands of years, it is striking that according to studies, at least 80% of the dog breeds that exist today appeared after the 19th century.


Why did most dog breeds emerge in the 19th century?

Possibly it has to do with two events, on the one hand by the scientific trend of that time, eugenics and its vanity apt to improve populations through selective reproduction.

On the other hand, it is possibly associated with the fact that during that time dogs became a symbol of economic and social status and a hobby of the middle classes.

The truth is that in the search for the purity of the breed of dogs, humans have often harmed the animal by considerably increasing the congenital defects in many races, in fact, one in four dogs of race has ailments of genetic nature.

For all this, from Cremascota we want to take the opportunity to remember that the important thing is not the dog’s breed, the important thing is the value that each dog has in itself, the fact that it is a unique and irreplaceable living being that is part of our history and of our life.

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