What is the age of my dog?

What is the age of my dog?

For the vast majority of the owners your dog will always be a child, whether the vivacity and “irresponsibility” by addiction or even the real time: a few years in relation to our life.

It is very important to know the actual age of your pet to understand their behavior and their needs. The puppy, the “adolescent”, the adult or the “old man” has different needs and care and health proporcionarmos quality of life you need to know when these different stages of life happen.

Aging happens differently in different sizes of dogs. Small live longer and age more slowly, while in large and giant breeds aging is faster and therefore less live. It is very common to see one or Poodle Pinscher from 16 to 18 years old, but almost impossible for a Great Dane or even a St. Bernard reaches that age.

General and simplified way we can say that the first year of life corresponds to 14 or 15 years ours. That is, your pet with a year is still a teenager, with active sexuality, but without any responsibility. For this reason we do not recommend motherhood for females before the third heat. At that age yet ready a lot and are very active with energy to spare.

From 2 to 5 years of life, we have established that the average for each year of the dog would be 5 to 7 years our, ie a dog with four years would have 32-35 Years Our. Of course, this account is not so simple, varying according to race, but we can estimate the physiological age that way.

From the 8th year aging happens more slowly and start to count 4-5 years for each year our.

It is very important to know this to understand certain attitudes of our dogs, especially when they get older. If it’s quieter, you can no longer climb the stairs if you do not see or hear as before, you may be already feeling the weight of age and in need of medical help to improve the quality of life. As do not speak, we have to identify subtle changes in behavior to pain and discomfort signals.

Another important point to understand is that if one year it is 4 to 7 years our many changes can occur in the short period of one year. Not infrequently do an ultra sound examination today and did not find anything and 6 to 8 months redoing the same exam are surprised we found a huge tumor in the spleen or even nodules in the liver. Cataracts, chronic pain, changes in blood tests can thus “come from one day to another.”

It is therefore very important that we monitor closely our dogs, with periodic evaluations and after older with midterms.

Below is a table (the many found) which summarizes simply the age of the different sizes of dogs.

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