What if the cat stopped going into the tray?

What if the cat stopped going into the tray?

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  • 1 health problem
  • 2 Protest against the inconvenience
  • 3 Something happened to the cat’s delicate psyche

How cute Fuzzy quickly can turn into “an ungrateful beast”? This you can tell the desperate owners of cats, suddenly ceased to celebrate their need for a tray and turned into his personal toilet the apartment.

To live in such conditions it becomes intolerable, and we must do something. Strategy of your actions will depend on the reasons for the abrupt change in the animal’s behavioral habits.


health problem

Do not rush to blame your pet – perhaps, this situation has arisen due to an illness that “by eye” to recognize the impossible. Excessively frequent urination, the cat just does not have time to run to the tray, is often associated with various pathologies. It can be:

  • trauma (particularly when the shot hit in the stomach or the kidneys);
  • cystitis (inflammation of the bladder);
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • disorders in the nervous system due to stroke or brain tumors;
  • severe pain of any etiology, when the normal reaction of the animal violated.

So the first step to get rid of the problem – to show a cat veterinarian, get tested and pass the necessary examinations. And only when the pathology of internal organs is not possible, looking for other reasons.

Protest against the inconvenience

Especially neat cat may refuse to go to the tray if it is not clean or it contains odors. They may react in this way, even if you just poured filler dirty shovel. Sometimes even the garbage and dirt next to the tray may discourage a cat’s habit of going to this place.

Capricious spoiled animal may just do not like the tray. Cats do not like cheap plastic moldings because of its sharp chemical smell – remember this and do not try to save money on such an important subject for the pet. May not like the size or shape of the new tray. So the old (even unpresentable, but the home) do not rush to throw away – suddenly have to return the cat his rightful property.

Your pet may flatly refuse chute, if you for some reason switched to another vehicle. Or suddenly lose one’s attraction old, this also happens – try to switch to another. Do not abuse the odor neutralizer and other aromatic substances in the room where there is a tray – cats may react unpredictably, even to the most ordinary odors for you.

Another important point – secluded. If you see almost human traits in your pet, you will see that for the administration of natural needs it, like you, you need privacy. And if the cat stopped going to the tray, just try to move it to a more private place.

Experiment, and are more likely to be able to solve the problem.

Something happened to the cat’s delicate psyche

There are a couple of psychogenic factors, which may also cause failure of the tray.

For example, during periods when the pet is looking for a partner for mating, it marks territory. Sometimes this process becomes too intense, and the owners clutching his head. In this case, you may want to consult with your veterinarian about neutering. Usually after such an operation, problems with toilet is no longer there.

It happens that the cat stopped going into the tray after severe stress. Animals take hard moving, birth, date of regime change (eg, when the beloved mistress came out of the decree on the job), the appearance of the house other animals. In this situation, shouting and swearing only exacerbate the problem. Be tolerant of your pet, create a tranquil atmosphere for him. Consult with your veterinarian – you may want to adjust the state of the cat with the help of sedatives plant-based.

Rest assured that the love and patience to help you cope with the “toilet” problem.

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