UTI of Pet Care, sure that caring and technical investment and in people is never too much … .

ICU of Pet Care, sure que caring and technical and investment in people is never too much … .. 


We all know that the environment hospital is often oppressive and sad and the best place to be is our home. With animals this is no different and certainly more pronounced as they have no idea that this treatment and “suffering” is temporary and seeks the improvement of their health.

Unfortunately, often hospitalization is necessary for the stabilization of the patient and his full recovery. Our ICU today this crowded several cases of dogs to cats . Fortunately most of them are having good progress, but we have very serious cases and some unfortunately with poor prognosis.

See some of our patients described below in photo and video.

Sissi a Persian kitten with coxofemoral dislocation and kidney failure.

Minnie , Maltese with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

Vivi , miniature Schnauzer with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and Hyperadrenocorticism.

Lali , another Schnauzer also with gastroenteritis.

Lulu , Srd with ehrlichiosis, Pancretatite and Diabetes (whew !!!!).

Giancarlo , our little Mastin Napolitano 84 kg with fractured elbow.

Julie , Persian with Polycystic Kidney after receiving blood transfusion yesterday.

Zuzu white feline SRD post amputation because of a vaccine Sarcoma.

Mia , small Yorkshire also suffering from gastroenteritis.

Roge , an old SRD with complicated picture of peritonitis by intestinal neoplasia.

Santinho , another SRD with ehrlichiosis and Diabetes.

Apart from all these animals in this sector, we have others in the industry infectious and intensive semi that are better and soon will be home …

When hospitalization is required, the Veterinary Pet Care Hospital can offer the best care, the latest equipment and the most qualified professionals to provide your pet to your prompt recovery.

investment in structure and equipment, care and dedication of our veterinarians and nurses , waiting for everyone to be good to get back home as soon as possible … ..

Below Mario Video our ICU

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