Unique cat’s nose

Unique cat’s nose

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  • The smell of cat – it all
  • apparatus feline nose
  • Fingerprinting feline
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For cats, as actually and for other animals, the sense of smell is one of the most important sense, even illustrious cat vision. 3372925208_e1f2aae4e3_zBecause you can not see production, but feel its smell. The smell, you can find out whether someone in their territory, and who exactly it was. By and large nose can be considered the second vision in animals, so the important role it plays in their lives.

The smell of the cat – it all

It all starts from the very first days of life. Indeed, newborn kittens completely blind. How did they find unmistakable dairy teats mom-cat? Of course, the smell. The smell is herself mother cat distinguishes the kittens from the same litter and the kittens themselves distinguish each other and all surrounding objects.

Cats mark territory with special odorous liquids that produce cancer on the face and around the tail. That is why cats often rub the muzzle of the items. Including about the owners, their, they, too, are marked as something that is in their territory and is their property.

Cats find the smell of cat that is ready to mate, and the cats – the most suitable for themselves cat. The smell is also identified, in whose territory is now a cat, or whether a stranger in his own domain is present.

Parting with the familiar smells of cat causes quite a lot of stress. So your pets so hard to survive moving, buying new furniture and repairs in particular. After all, if you move or buy a new sofa smells remain more or less natural, that during the repair of the smells of paints and other building materials can simply reduce the poor animal mad. Therefore, at the time of reconstructions better take back the cat to the cottage or in another home.

It should be noted that the shape of the cat nose depends on the breed. It is clear that the nose or Siamese Siberian cat is much more than the Persian nose. A nose with a hump in Burmese cats can be safely described as aristocratic or “Roman”.

Apparatus feline nose

Feline nose as well as human, has two nasal channels separated hryaschik. When the cat inhales, he falls into a special nasal chamber. There it passes through the winding channels, stopping them for a while. During this delay, the air in these channels, there is a recognition of odors.

Cells, which are responsible for recognition are bottle-shaped and terminate several sensitive hairs. A hair covering mucus, which dissolve all odoriferous substances. These analyzers cells is directly related to the part of the brain cat responsible for the sense of smell.

Further analytic function sinuses also perform the function of a kind of filter and conditioner. The air passing therethrough is heated and cleaned of dust and bacteria.

Sniffing for unfamiliar objects cats use a specific body called “Jacobson tube”. This tube can simultaneously identify not only smell but also taste. This body is above the upper air. The cat uses it, when inhaled breath.

At the same time he lifted his upper lip and bared incisors. Perhaps you might like to watch in your pet and remember this rather funny face, vaguely reminiscent smile.

Although cats flair and does not reach the dog, it’s definitely better than a human in many times. So your pets can react quite painful for many smells. You, by the way, did not even feel it.

In this regard, it is not necessary to wash the cat’s bowl dish detergent. Because that is barely perceptible pleasant odor for cats is something akin to a gas attack for us. And even if they will use a detergent, try as carefully as possible to rinse the bowl of its remnants.

Agree, because you will be uncomfortable if someone will pour into your food bottle of perfume. That cat unpleasant odors extra present in her food and completely discourages appetite.

Nose is also a kind of indicator of health. Have you heard the expression “wet nose – a healthy dog”? For cats it is also true. In a healthy animal Nose should be cool and moist. Humidity is provided with a special secret during licking.

In addition, the maintenance of body temperature at an optimum level also occurs through the nose and mouth. After all, only cats sweat pads on their feet, and this is too small for a full heat exchange.

Fingerprinting as a cat

Probably you have noticed that the cat’s nose rough. And because each cat a unique pattern on the nose. Such uniqueness is akin to a human fingerprint. Just as no two people have the same fingerprints, it is impossible to find two cats with the same pattern on the nose. This feature can be used to detect animals.

Color the nose depends on the color of the cat as a whole. Some cat breeds are characterized in that the lobes of their noses have a dark border. Such natural “liner”, for example, boasts chinchilla species.

Interesting Facts

  • Cats love the smell of garlic and onions, but can not tolerate the smell of orange, mint, lavender, tea tree, and naphthalene.
  • Smell Garlic and onions are used as flavors in cat food.
  • A cold cat can not eat anything, not only because of poor health, but also due to nasal congestion. This is because the olfactory receptors in cats is much more than taste. Consequently, the smell of food for them is more important than its taste. Therefore, for a cold cat any food is tasteless due to lack of odor.
  • Older cats nose is almost always warm and dry. And it is not talking about some kind of an animal disease, but the poor performance of the glands, providing nose humidity.
  • Feline nose is used as a thermometer. With it, a cat can determine the temperature of the food offered. Therefore, if your favorite sniffs each piece of food, it not only checks on its edibility, but determines its temperature.
  • Strongly recommend poking cat muzzle in a bowl of food, even for educational purposes. Is it only if you want your favorite as soon as possible to lose the sense of smell. In this case, poke and more often, very soon you will achieve.
  • People sign says that if the cat paws closes the nose, it is a rapid cooling.

Take care of your pets spouts. After all, the sense of smell depends on your cat’s health and even his life. The cat, who had lost the sense of smell, can not fully exist, and most of the information held by it.

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