Tumor in the Liver !!! … Even So, It’s Possible to Be Happy!

Tumor in the Liver !!! … Even So, It’s Possible to Be Happy!


Yesterday we talked about the diagnosis of Liver Tumor (in the liver) and the severity of the diagnosis often fatal.Infelizmente when we receive this diagnosis , we are slaughtered by a major concern because the severity of the case and an immense sadness at the imminent loss in most patients.

We point out that when the early diagnosis prognosis can be favorable, since often surgery is possible when the tumor is still confined to a liver lobe (one part only).

We have several patients diagnosed with liver tumor and different approaches adopted, against the general condition of the animal, involvement of other organs and tumor size.

After the scare of diagnosis we have to think that regardless of the general state of health, his age and the family’s financial situation, the important thing is that it does not suffer physical pain or discomfort and to continue having a normal life with family and surrounded by affection .

We must remember that the animal does not know what you have and not nearly is aware of the seriousness of the case, left for us owners, suffering and distress, which over time is revealed in hope, dedication and selflessness, that his dear friend has every care and attention.

After that first scare, we have to put your feet on the floor, looking for professionals involved and committed to providing health and animal quality of life and then decide the best technical option not be frightened by the possibility of surgery and chemotherapy.

We have the case of Naomi, one small Pekinese 9 – year-old who was diagnosed with tumor primary liver in 4 cm in diameter by the ultrasound examination when we were doing a routine examination in February 2012.

After that followed a thorough evaluation involving blood tests, blood transfusion and tomography, when confirmed that could be operated because it was restricted to a part of the liver. And so it was done. She underwent surgery in April, the tumor ( hepatocellular carcinoma, which is evil ) was removed, and now it is already in the third session of chemotherapy and very healthy and happy.

We also have Milla a Chow Chow 11 – year-old who had the diagnosis made in the same way in January 2011 during routine exams Pet Prevent . After that we made a computerized tomography where unfortunately we find that this tumor has involved the gall bladder and adrenal taking almost the entire liver and thereby preventing a safe surgical removal.

We went through a time of great sadness and apprehension and then we decided to do only one diet control and medication to enable the function of the liver and gallbladder, involving palliative care. We can say that Milla was never so happy as now.

If before it was a “home girl”, today she lives surrounded by care and attention as ever and apparently keeps healthy and without pain or discomfort over an 17 months after diagnosis. Today we make periodic controls of blood tests and ultrasound and it goes quiet and happy.

We can still talk about George, Goldem Retriver 14 years of age than in May 2011 after presenting a significant weight loss, we made the diagnosis by examining ultrasound , multiple nodules in the liver spread throughout the parenchyma. It also can not be operated and how the Milla, this through the best phase of life. We can say that King has a life with all love and care it deserves in the “third age”.

If before it was already warm and dear, today, we have a contact almost fortnightly, he already feels at home and loves to visit the Pet Care for control tests .

It has eaten a controlled diet that he loves … and even seems that this enjoying all the attention it receives. Sometimes we wonder if it is not “pretending” to have a tumor in the liver, only to take care of it that way.

We know that unfortunately is true and that after all we can to live the day without worrying about the future …. but preparing for it.

Pet Care, early diagnosis, diagnostic tests and a certain team to choose with you the best for your pet.


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