Toys for cats and kittens

Toys for cats and kittens

The decision to have a pet means you are willing to assume full responsibility, because this is not a toy, but a living creature capable of feeling, thinking, rejoice and be sad. With the advent of the house a small kitten all around me and, of course, you should be prepared for these changes and for any possible eventuality.

Toys for cats

In addition to standard requirements in the form of food or drink, the animal will need your attention. If the pet is hungry and feels good, but it begins to Skoda (can scrape wallpaper, climb on a carpet or curtains, even a scratch or bite), it means that he is bored and wants to play. This is especially true kitten and its growth period of getting used to a new place of habitation. The optimal way to take your baby – to provide it with toys.

Games as the main component of a healthy life pet

When the kitten is still living with a cat and his little family, their games are simulated fights or hunting, being called upon to develop in animals the basic, vital to them skills: agility, speed, intelligence, ability to wait and catch the prey, and so on..

When choosing toys, you need to focus precisely on this point. Also, the game needed a cat to get some degree of physical activity (especially if the animal lives only in your home and not go out), plus – for fun.

Toys for cats

Often toys in pet shops are worth a lot, besides, a cat, they may soon get bored, and she likes new things. To save money and constantly to please her beloved pet with new and new games, you just need to make toys for cats with their own hands.

In fact, your animal do not care how much this or that thing – the main thing that he was with her interesting and fun. In addition, the master-made toys for a kitten, you will be confident in the safety and naturalness of the materials used.

Getting Started

Options for how to make all kinds of toys for cats with their own hands, there are many. Firstly, you can still view the range that offer pet shops to navigate, perhaps represented in the sale of products inspire you to create home-made counterparts.

Second, rely on their own imagination and creativity: watch the kitten – what and how he likes to play, he loves best, and based on that try to make him a toy.

Toys for cats

Believe that this will fit any means available.

  1. Everyone knows that cats love to play with rustling candy wrappers, scraps of paper and, of course, boxes. If you cut in a cardboard box improvised door and window, you may get a small cozy haven for the kitten, which he would be happy to hide and carry their “treasures”. You can make some big holes in the lid or the bottom box (height Pick up this to Mike Farley could get inside on its hind legs and look out of the box, but if you want, and get out of it). It will amuse the very process of climbing back and forth. And if you take the lid or the bottom of the box and fold the corners so as to make the bottom of the bulge in the center, and throw back the ball from a ping-pong ball or a tennis ball, the kitten will be very interesting to do to capture the elusive-ball ball, which will constantly roll in the center.
  2. The next type of toy can be made both from the same carton, and plywood (more complicated and time consuming option). In addition to materials, you also need tools: drill, jigsaw, hammer, drill wood. First, four walls must be cut from plywood (can take such dimensions: length of the two walls 30 cm, and the other two – 45 cm, with the width of all of 7 cm). Saw several holes in each wall, a good edge processing sandpaper to nowhere in sharp corners or rough edges. Glue the wall – you get a rectangle. Then you will need to pick up and make the size of the top cover for him, which also do the holes in the same way. You can stick items or shoot them with nails, or use the “nail-button” – in short, to do in its sole discretion. Cover the toy paint and put into a ball, the ball or any other trinket that cat would be happy to try to get.
  3. Another way to make an interesting toy for cats with their own hands – to sew a soft arm rests made of felt, flannel and faux fur. You can do it in the pattern, cutting and stitching details of them, or just rely on their own abilities. Tamp the mouse with cotton or synthetic padding and attach it to the rope or elastic band. You can make a kind of lever, hanging toy on a stick, to seal the game itself, whenever he wants.
  4. You can slightly complicate the task yourself and do for pet clockwork mouse. To do this, you must sheathe or pasted tissue parts inertia Children’s typewriter (details should be more than she).
  5. It is easy to do and soft balls, rattles. Just pick up a few small beads or bells (they can pull out of children’s rattles) and tightly sew them in a soft cloth with stuffing, forming a ball.
  6. Pin on self-made rod (rope tied to a stick), a small ball or the same fuzzy mouse, or even from container Kinder surprise with some tarahtelkoy inside. You can build for fishing rods and a toy in the form of a felt bow. To do this, cut a lot of fabric slips of varying length and make of them pompons. Amiss and a bunch of multi-colored feathers.

Toys for cats

Ideas that can help you quickly and easily make a toy for cats with their own hands, there are many more. You can entertain your pet laser pointer or flashlight, sunbeams, empty spools of thread, a ball, ribbon woven cords, ribbons, and so on. D.

The main thing that a pet is not bored and did not feel abandoned. If you pay attention to it and play with it, the cat will appreciate it, and no problems with his education or behavior you will not have.

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