Tips on how to bathe the dogs at home

Tips on how to bathe the dogs at home 

Take care of the hygiene of the house in dogs is a very common practice, either by savings or even option. But for owners who prefer to bathe in their pets at home instead of taking them to the pet shop, you must have some care at this point of interaction with them.


The frequency of baths depends a lot from day to day your dog. The baths can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, varying according to the need (for example, dogs wandering quite street, have more need baths). On the other hand, too much bathing can be bad for your pet: give 1 or 2 baths per week causes the dog’s skin to lose natural protection, leaving it exposed to allergies and other diseases.


You must use own soap or shampoo for dogs. There shampoo indicated according to the dog’s coat: the white, the dark, allergy and flea.


The best time for the bath is between 11h and 15h, where the natural temperature is more pleasant for the dog does not get cold.


Be careful with the eyes and ears of the animal. Preferably, use a cotton bud in each ear. Do not wash the dog’s head with very strong splash of water and take care that the shampoo does not fall around the eyes.


Thoroughly dry your pet with the help of a towel and a dryer. Do not let the damp or wet ears. Much less let your pet to dry yourself because this can leave it for a long time and cause illness.


It is also necessary to take care of the animal before and after the bath by brushing. The bath before brushing removes the loose, greatly facilitating the efficacy of the soap or shampoo.

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