Tips For Running With Your Dog

Tips For Running With Your Dog 


However, it is necessary to take some precautions before going out with him to practice running or some exercise in the street. Here are some tips:

– It is important to recognize what type of physical activity your dog likes to do and what location it feels more comfortable to exercise.

– Consult a veterinarian to determine if your pet has no heart or orthopedic problem that prevents you from running with you.

– Another important point for an appointment to the vet is that certain breeds are stronger and more resilient than others, so be knowing in advance the difficulties that your dog may have.

– Feed it well before you leave home.

– Start with lighter practices and increase the intensity after 10 minutes.

– Walking time or race varies according to the limitations of the animal. Overall, the recommendation is not to exceed 30 minutes of daily exercise.

– Avoid land that might hurt your dog’s paws, like stones, for example. Give preference to flat surfaces, lawns and sand.

– If you choose to use leashes, pay attention if it is not too bound as to impair breathing animal.

– Your dog will feel thirsty after a few minutes exercising, so always walk with a little pot to deposit water for him.

– When walking in parks, for example, stay tuned (a) the hygiene of the place. Bring bags to collect the feces of your pet.

– Avoid very hot times. Out with him before 10am or after 16h.

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