The Importance of Taking the Pet Regularly at Veterinary Clinics

The Importance of Taking the Pet Regularly at Veterinary Clinics

It is not only when your pet gets sick you should take him to the veterinary clinics! Regular vet visits are very important to take your questions, give advice care, ensure the good health of the pet, its proper hygiene, early identification of diseases, parasite control and to keep the vaccines on time.

At each stage of your friend’s life, periodic check-up will have a role – but the goal will always be to maintain their well-being and willingness to play and keep that special joy in the house!

In today’s post, get to know some of the main reasons not to miss the regular queries to the vet. Come on?

Ensure that all is well with the puppy

Like human babies, puppies of dogs and cats receive their first antibodies directly from their mothers during breastfeeding. But after weaning, they are more susceptible to diseases and parasites. So it is very important to have an initial monitoring of the puppy at the veterinary clinic.

In addition to the first vaccines that will protect you, the veterinarian will assess the general state of your health, prescribe vitamins when needed and identify early any disease he may have acquired before arriving in your home.

As puppies are still very sensitive, the professional will also advise you on the best food and what to expect from their behavior.

And you can still get valuable tips to help in training the pet, how to teach it to use the correct locations to pee and poop and how to get around the stage to bite all who see ahead!

Giving assistance to older dogs and cats

When the pet is puppy is important to take you to consult with your veterinarian, to become a senior, these visits will become even more necessary.

7 months of life to around 7 years of age, the ideal is that the frequency of consultations with the vet is annual, so that it can assess the health of your pet and make sure everything is fine.

However, after eight years, dogs and cats are now considered old. During this phase of life, it is natural that some aspects are affected, such as health, disposition, becoming increasingly more frail and debilitated day. Therefore, the frequency of visits should be made every six months.

Take your questions on the main care with pets

When we decided to have a pet, whether it be a dog or cat, there are many questions that go in your head, is not it?

Securing, how to prepare the house to receive it, which items it will need, which may or may not give to feed it, they are just some of the questions you can ask him.

No matter the stage of life of your pet, your veterinarian will help you whenever you have any question or uncertainty of what to do in a given situation. He has enough experience to guide you at any time and need not be your point of support only if the pet sick.

At each visit, by the way, it is important that you report everything that is happening to the animal and possible changes in behavior. If possible, take a note, thus avoiding forget any detail.

The more information the professional knows, the greater his chances identify what is happening and take appropriate action.

Tips for choosing the vet

For you to feel safe and secure in the knowledge you have chosen a quality professional to take care of your pet, observe some questions, such as:

  • proximity to the office of his home and office hours;
  • if he is careful with the animal;
  • curriculum and experience;
  • quality of materials used.

These are criteria that can make all the difference in an emergency and can not be left out when choosing the best veterinarian.

Make proper monitoring of vaccines

Dogs and cats have a vaccination own schedule, and it is essential that applications are made and accompanied by a veterinary clinic confidence. The first months of life are those that concentrate the main doses.

Vaccination of dogs

For dogs , the first vaccine is the eightfold – which prevents against distemper, coronavirose, hepatitis (adenovirosis I), adenovirosis II, leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza. She is taken in three doses – at two, three and four months – and should be given a yearly booster.

The vaccine against giardiasis is also given to two months, with a booster thirty days after the first dose. The rabies vaccine is annual and mandatory.

Cat vaccination

The main vaccine for cats is the fivefold, given in the first four months of life in three doses. It prevents against feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, feline chlamydiosis and feline leukemia – and has annual booster. Kittens should also be compulsorily vaccinated against rabies every year.

Aiming to make your life easier and prevent forget when the next date of vaccinating your pet, enlist the help of an online booklet of vaccination. So you can access the site whenever you have a doubt of any device by simply connecting to the Internet.

Enable the early identification of diseases

Some diseases can be masked for a long time, bringing risks of complications and death when belatedly discovered. Periodic check-ups will allow the early identification of symptoms and predispositions to certain diseases, protecting the pet.

Perform the cleaning of the pet

Even if you have the custom to bathe your pet at home, it is important to take it on the veterinary clinic at least once a month for a full cleaning. The shearing of the hair and cut nails when necessary, should be done by trained professionals – to avoid hurt the pet in the process.

Another advantage of the baths in veterinary clinics are the specific uses of products to combat and prevent parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Be sure to take your friend to do regular check-ups! Enjoy the annual vaccine to assess the health of your pet, and do not delay in visiting veterinary clinics if it shows any abnormal behavior.

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