Ten Tips For Your Pet in the Spring

Ten Tips For Your Pet in the Spring 


Spring has come and we need to take some care regarding the health of our animals. The days will be longer, hot and rainy. Ten tips for spring:

Vaccination : Make sure that this vaccination days, as rains lead to an increase in cases of leptospirosis .

Remedy against fleas: Now in the heat fleas begin to proliferate rapidly. Anti flea should be applied monthly.

Tours : Walk your pet alone in the cooler hours of the day as they may have hyperthermia and even die of it.

Tosa : Animals with quite the must do now the first tosa, even partially to face the heat.

Baths : Baths should be given with cold warm water.

Food : Meals should be offered early in the morning and evening.

Hosting : for those who will travel at the end of the year it’s time to begin to research and book the accommodation.

Water : Your pet will drink more water to get rid of heat. Leave several vessels in different parts of the house.

Automotive : preference of car trips with air conditioning on and NEVER leave your pet in the car on hot days. It provides enough ventilation.

Swimming: In PetCare we aquatic treadmill for animals to exercise and cool off. They can also swim in the pool. There are sites that offer the service.

In summer the use of pectoral collar on the pavement is better than the neck collars if your pet pull too. Swimming is a good idea. Short-nosed breeds like boxer, bulldog, pug, etc. are those with more problems due to riding in hot hours. Animal by dense Siberian Husky as decreased appetite due to heat. Ice on the water will help the animals cool off.

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