Studying the nature of the Siamese breed of cats

Studying the nature of the Siamese breed of cats

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  • 1 The intellectual elite of the cat world
  • 2 Communication as a means of personal power
  • 3 Resentment, depression and aggression, from cause to effect

Siam – the old name for Thailand. It is from this country occur beautiful blue-eyed cat with a special character. Siamese breed more than five hundred years. For centuries there was a periodstable specific appearance: light coat on the body combined with dark paws, ears, tail and mask on the face.

American breeders have changed the silhouette of the Siamese cats, making it easier and more graceful, but their character formed by centuries of selection, is still determined by the expression of intelligence and high social.

Siamese cat breed

The intellectual elite of the cat world

Siamese breed representatives of different wonderful memory and wit, well-trained, willing to respond to his name, can go to the collar and harness.

Leading intellectual property – intellectual curiosity, the ability to meet new challenges and adapt to change. These qualities inherent “Siamese” fully. They easily adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, playful and teachable, even in adulthood.

Curiosity combined with keen eyesight, excellent jumping ability and long nimble fingers does not leave them a single secret corner in all the available rooms. All boxes will be opened by them, and cabinets – examined from top to bottom.

Tendency to explore new places can be dangerous: to choose a street in an unknown world through an open door or window, a Siamese cat is unlikely will live long. Lack of undercoat makes this breed of tropical origin, vulnerable to colds.

Unmistakable flair and sharp observation Siamese immediately identifies the main person in the family. It was he, they often remain so faithful that they are compared to dogs.

Siamese cat breed

Communication as a means of individual power

Siamese cats and vital most tangible expressions of love and personal attention. Charming sisyrinchium not miss the opportunity to leap on my knees to my hosts and get a proper portion of kindness. They remain in isolation, of course, are able, but not too long. They need at least half an hour daily personal communication – and it is better, of course, more often, more … more!

Therefore, this cat breed is not suitable for those who are rarely at home. Alternatively, you can get a Siamese company of two or more Grasshopper masked to baleen tailed entertained each other. At the same time they have to get used to live together from an early age, learning without conflict divide master’s affection and attention.

If for adult Siamese hooked additional pet of the same breed, he skins his own experience the most stinging, biting and jealousy clawed. The same fate befall other domestic animals and in general any unknown person who dares to encroach on the attention of the owners. Therefore, as a rule, Siamese cats with obvious disbelief greeted the guests.

Siamese cat breed

Well-modulated, low, slightly hoarse but loud voice – an additional tool to communicate with the people of these cats. Siamese charmer really love to talk to them – and meet soulful roulades.

Sonorous voice – it is also an effective way to achieve desired: food, drink, entertainment! And the cats of this breed to express their needs for all to hear, down to the neighboring apartments, especially in the season, “March.”

Most typical feline qualities expressed in the sensitive, observant, emotional, Siamese cats with extra force. For example, it is unique to thin the ability to find the people affected area and placed it on top of it. It is not necessary, however, to attribute miraculous beings special mercy and compassion – these cats have no undercoat, often are freezing, and finding the center of inflammation with fever, are attached to it, as warmer.

Contact with children – a difficult area for willful and proud breed. Definitely, the Siamese cat – absolutely unsuitable company for kids, especially babies-sliders. With only six years of age when the child can be well controlled touching shorstke and clearly distinguished from the pleasant cavalier tiskanie any feline heart strokes, you can firmly count on the loyalty of the domestic ward.

Siamese cat breed

Resentment, depression and aggression, from cause to effect

Subtle sense, intelligent, proud of Siamese cats may greatly affect undeserved insults. They should, of course, to learn the limits of what is permitted, but unreasonable punishment be remembered for a long time, and when the opportunity to return the offender that he, their cat’s eyes, is owed.

Insufficient attention from the owners siamese leads to a state of deep emotional decline. The animal in depression include all available defenses and it is, to draw in a vain attempt to finally welcome the attention on himself, can be a real beast.

Negative home furnishings, quarrels and cries – another source of stress for Siamese cats. In the atmosphere of the frequent scandals they even turn gray, losing color. Seeing, and most importantly, feeling the conflicts around us, animals are going to sell his life dearly and are increased aggressiveness.

Willingness Siamese cats and cats bring to bear claws and teeth are always motivated.

Ancient, capacious and precise definition of “Siamese” character: the cat with the habits of monkeys and a lion’s heart. This combination is unlikely to suit lovers of quiet, discreet and complaisant creature.

Siamese cat breed

Siamese cats and cats are good for those who are able to:

  • Enable expressed feline intelligence: to educate, to train, to play.
  • Ensure the animal sufficient personal attention and even personal communication.
  • Maintain harmonious environment without violent conflicts and undeserved punishment.

As a result, it is possible not only to better understand the needs and abilities of our brethren, but also significantly improve the home environment.

For men who have difficulty understanding the emotional and beautiful half of humanity, the successful experience of the content of the Siamese cat – the best training. No wonder they say that a man who loves cats, may not be a bad husband.

We can only go on the theoretical study of the nature of the Siamese cat to the exciting practical exercises.

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