Street dogs or abandoned dogs: what can we do to lessen this problem?

Street dogs or abandoned dogs: what can we do to lessen this problem?

Our biggest job is to raise awareness for responsible ownership and birth control of our dogs and cats. Offspring (litters) unwanted or unplanned has everything to increase the population of stray dogs and all its consequences.

We should avoid buying and adoption of dogs and cats by impulse or fads , knowing that these animals live around 12-18 years and that will always be dependent on our care.

Always avoid gifting people with puppies or animals of any kind, for this “gift” may in the future become a problem and then to the line of abandoned animals or suffering ill-treatment.

What actions can help reduce this problem?

– Never give children, and even adults, pets, unless it’s a gift agreement.

– Every adoption or purchase should be evaluated. Never make impulse or fad. This pet depends solely on their care , from food, rides and even medical care.

– If you adopt an animal, give preference to dogs and abandoned cats or from institutions that take care of these animals.

– Castrate every animal, male or female, other than for specific purposes of reproduction.

– Do vaccines and measures recommended by veterinarians, in addition to periodic visits, always looking for well-being and quality of life and respecting the particularities of each species, is the recommended space for their activities, feeding and management and even levels of socialization and interaction with other species.

– Never give up or give up that animal, even if it does not meet your expectations. So every adoption has to be studied and planned in detail with the aid of qualified personnel who understand the subject.

– Participate in awareness campaigns and assistance to NGOs and institutions that house and care for these abandoned animals. All, without exception, need our help and our disclosure of this work and its causes.

– Never push the issue with the “belly”. To remove a stray animal or host a sick or abandoned animal, remember that you, then, becomes responsible for him and for his care. Unfortunately, there are no public institutions and free to do the work to welcome and take care of these animals. The veterinarian has no way to accommodate these animals in their clinics and NGOs are working beyond their limit, whether space whether financial.

This is a problem solving long-term and unfortunately we do not have much to count on. Who loves and respects animals, shall disclose the birth control measures and conscious possession, because who does not like animals usually do not see this problem and even works against our work.

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