Stay alert with dogs and cats at holiday time!

Stay alert with dogs and cats at holiday time! 

This holiday season can happen some accidents with Christmas trees. We have served from cats and dogs electrocuted because they played with the strands of tiny lights, dogs and cats with foreign body ingested as ornaments hung on the Christmas tree.Usually adult dogs do not care much for her ornaments, but … puppies and cats or even adult cats have attraction for trinkets.

Note well before your animal how it performs in front of the tree and confirm the suspicion that it will move it, keep it away.

Many puppies tend to chew everything they find, and in the case of trees with little lights flashing, can bite wiring and electrocute.

and protect the thread of the reach of pets and children.

Another caution that we should have these parties is to avoid remnants of Christmas food to animals. Every year we spend with several intoxicated animals with vomiting and diarrhea, as ate something they were not used and end up very ill.

Especially in the night New Year’s Eve, many animals are frightened by the fireworks. For these we recommend the company of the owners, tranquilizers prescribed by a veterinarian and cotton in the ear.

Taking such care remains just enjoy a happy holiday season!

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