Shelter for a cat with her own hands – beauty and comfort

Shelter for a cat with her own hands – beauty and comfort

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  • 2 Ideas for creativity
  • 3 Master class (step by step recommendations)

Every cat owner knows that in the dream his favorite can hold up to 20 hours a day. It is worth thinking about how and under what conditions is held such a significant part of the life of an animal? Just enough cat-loving landlord will allow furry treasure lying on the floor.

But also in the field where you would normally sit or lay people to sleep mustachioed and Stripes also out. And wool is typed on your clothes, and you can accidentally injure a cat, not seeing her on the sofa or chair.

Buy or make yourself

It is possible to arrange shopping and a long time to choose from the options offered in supermarkets. But it is unknown what if your cat does not like the look, smell, style, strange things? Yes, and a lot of costs.

What is the price such a joy?

Beds for Cats

And it is a snap to attend and make a comfortable bed for the animal yourself. House, scratching posts, cat bench with their hands – it is possible to design all-in-one style, show imagination.

creative ideas

In the network a lot of master classes on sewing loungers for the animal. If you – a lover of extreme beauty, it is quite acceptable option to buy fabric, filler, Special plywood, boards, plastic tubes and do everything on the exact drawings and diagrams. But surely in the house have already chosen your cat some things, which can be used to make on the basis of their place pet:

  • old suitcase;

Beds for Cats

  • sturdy cardboard box;

Beds for Cats

  • large pots;

Beds for Cats

  • basket.

Beds for Cats

– all can serve as both interior decoration and a great gift to cat, you only sew the tie or simply pad podstelit, soft old blanket or other woolen cloth.

It so happens that the cat begins to provide special attention to any individual thing: blouse, sweater, sweatpants.

Do not take things for their pet and arrange her a good couch of this product, especially if it is no longer new. Make it surprisingly easy. Even without a sewing machine, pattern and some arcane devices. Pick a master class and you spend a little time and save a lot of money. Yes, and get considerable pleasure, every day watching thanks to the miracle of the caudate.

Principles that you need to remember to do a good thing:

  • size does not necessarily have to be verified by strict mathematical formulas, but Kiskin location should be neither too large nor too small. On average, a small cat is cozier feel with couches in the 40 cm diameter, and mei-kun or Briton require 50-60 cm .;
  • couches surface softness;
  • fabric strength as pleasure, and just in the game, cat may begin to produce claws. Random clue on the surface should not immediately spoil you with lovingly sewn thing;
  • naturalness material. Maybe your kisonka and synthetics vary greatly, but we know that from the less artificiality, the less damage to the body. Especially because sometimes couches side by side with the batteries, and chemical fiber can be degraded by exposure to high temperatures;
  • shape can be varied, but cats like to hide, it’s in their blood, so smooth and flat bench should not be. Correct to make a wall or small bumpers;
  • You want to take care of cleanliness and sanitation? Conveniently sew removable pads in which it will be possible to change or simply to wash the fabric surface;
  • Take care of security: better not to do the hard frame with protruding sharp edges or wire inside. It is desirable to provide sufficient strength to the pieces of foam or padding polyester have not been pulled out and eaten.

Important: If several cats, each in-order to avoid quarrels simply must have their place. And if the house Kittens, then it’s a safe and healthy place to be is comfortable and warm bench!

Master class (step by step recommendations)

Here is an example of one of the easiest and fastest master classes in which the bench for cats with their own hands will be done in just half an hour. Sew a nice and useful thing, even a man can never do needlework.


  • old sweater or jacket always with long sleeves;
  • packing material: small pieces of foam;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • needle.

Step by step description of the work:

  1. We find the very thing that has a dense structure of the tissue, but do not pile it in the form of loops. Select the color, you can pet, you can place the room in which will be located couch. 
  2. We drove the pet with this stuff spread out (gently and briefly). 
  3. Prepare foam, thread, needles, scissors.
  4. Eversion of the neck 
  5. Take the needle and thread vdet, middle-sized stitches to sew up the gate. Patterns do not need, just sew from shoulder to shoulder. Knowing needle stitching recall that the seam with stitch back perfectly suitable to make the product harder. 
  6. Gut-wrenching on the front side. Here we get a look. 
  7. Fills with foam sleeves. 
  8. Putting stuffed sleeves. You can simply insert one end into the other, it is possible for a little reassurance to grab a thread. 
  9. Foam fill the rest of the couches (torso).
  10. It is time to carefully sew the edges. 
  11. We spread and straighten the product. 
  12. We show cat. 
  13. Admiring grateful poses and getting ready to boast in front of guests and talk about his master class. 

Beds for Cats

In fact, using the principles of this master class, you can make a favorite cat of many things. The main thing is that these things are you do not need, is soft and durable, like cats. Help quite a bit, and they will give pet bliss and peace. And you – the joy!

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