Pets and physical activities

Pets and physical activities 

The pet should be encouraged to practice physical activities since the first year of life. Daily tours on the street or even the weekend should be encouraged wherever possible so that they are part of the routine of your dog.

What types of activities can be done to make the animals more active?

For those who have little time for these activities, we suggest playing with balls in the house and even put food and water pots lying around the house – as well as where your pet does need – so that it moves always during the day.

This should be introduced as a puppy, because the animal will maintain conditioning as well as being a way to control their weight.

It is very important that these activities are maintained and stimulated throughout his life, within the limits imposed by age (decreasing the intensity and time of the tours with aging).

One sees clearly a decrease in stamina and interest on the rides and playing with aging, but if we keep certain routine, the animal will always remain active and, thus, gain health and stamina, reducing the problems arising from senility and sedentary lifestyle.

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