Pet Stories: Couple takes sick dog for an adventure in US

Pet Stories: Couple takes sick dog for an adventure in US 

After his Poh dog receiving a terminal diagnosis,  Neil Rodriguez , who lives in New York, he decided he would spend seven weeks amazing next to your pet. DJ toured 35 US cities and took the dog to visit striking points. The record was made on Instagram , which already has over 85,000 followers.

Poh, who is now 15, was adopted by Neil with only 8 weeks. Recently, he began to  get sick , suffering from various tumors and kidney failure. “They told me they did not know how long he still had life, but that could be days. He could  die at any moment, “he told the” New York Daily News. “

Then the DJ decided to do an adventure and cross the United States next to the dog. “I wanted to  live the most of it.” In March he had a presentation in Arizona, where he decided to take the Poh and his bride with him. “I would not let my dog knowing he could die.”

A total covered about  12,000 kilometers and visited  35 cities , including spots like Times Square, Hollywood, Golden Gate Bridge etc. It ‘s been three months he discovered the disease the dog and he is still alive. “Because of this, the adventure does not stop,” he said. Neil said that when his wife returned from Japan, maybe 3 to make a quick trip to Miami.

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