Pet Care in SP in the Air: What is the right animal for children?

Pet Care in SP in the Air: What is the right pet for children? 


Every child, one day, will ask a pet for parents. What should be done then? Choosing the right pet? Know in advance what are the necessary care? Teach the child to have responsibilities to care for the puppy? The article below, appears in the April 08 by SP Up Rede Record, explains each of these questions.

Learn how pets can help in the education and development of children

Dogs and cats are not just to play, but also require care and attention to health, hygiene and nutrition. The home of Paula lawyer, five dogs and 13 cats live harmoniously with his two daughters. Thus, the animals help to educate them for life.

Dr. Carla Alice Berl, the Veterinary Pet Care , gave some tips to the matter of the SP in the air about what precautions with pets parents should know before taking an animal home.


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