Pet Care Group Carries out the Prevention of Verminoses in Dogs and Cats in SP

Pet Care Group Carries out the Prevention of worms in Dogs and Cats in SP

In social action, the veterinary hospital will perform tests of stool free on your drive Pacaembu

On September 29, the Group Pet Care Veterinary Hospitals launches a campaign focusing on Pacaembu neighborhoods, Higienópolis and Partridges. Lasting one month, the action “Prevention worms in dogs and cats” includes the distribution of biodegradable plastic bags in the region for the collection of animal feces and conducting free fecal examinations in Pacaembu unit.

The goal is to survey the prevalence of intestinal parasites in animals attending the Buenos Aires Square and nearby regions, as well as educate the public about the importance of prevention and treatment of zoonotic worms, ie, that it is transmitted to humans. “We chose these locations because where there is high concentration of dogs and cats for worms contamination could reach 55%”, guarantees the veterinary medical director of the group, Carla Alice Berl. “In the case of infected animals, we will recommend medical treatment.”

“We are also planning a lecture in the square, open to the public, to clarify the importance of prevention and control of worm infections in animals,” he says.

After the campaign, biodegradable plastic bags will be available for owners realize the proper disposal of feces of their pets. The campaign will last one month.


Veterinary medicine specialist

Founded in 1990, the Group Pet Care Veterinary Hospital is a national reference in animal health with excellence in specialties, emergency care 24 hours and veterinary diagnostics.

With two units in São Paulo, one in the Morumbi neighborhood and another in Pacaembu, it offers the most complete service structure, with facilities in patterns of human hospitals, high-tech equipment and a team captained by unquestionable technical training professionals – driven passion for pets.

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