New Year’s dangers for dogs and cats

New Year’s dangers for dogs and cats

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New Year’s Eve – everyone’s favorite holiday. For fun in the New Year’s Eve in advance prepared, called guests, cover a table with all sorts of delicacies, and most importantly, of course – decorate a Christmas tree.And, as a rule, many owners do not realize how many dangers lurking for their pets in these cheerful bustle. And it does not matter for what pets suffer in the New Year and cats, and dogs, and fish, and turtles, birds, rodents, and even flowers.

Veterinary clinics are for New Year’s days as scheduled jobs involving all hands, ready to treat food poisoning and environmental tobacco smoke, exposure to cold, bowel injury and other unpleasant things. And these things are quite possible, if the owners have not taken in advance of some simple measures to prevent tragic consequences.

In this article we have tried to briefly describe the possible problems and give recommendations on how to make the holiday was a holiday for all, and was not overshadowed by the disease.


367781656_a6d47cb0a3_zThe main danger and New Year’s enemy number one for cats – it is a favorite with many Christmas rain and the same metallic tinsel. Long lustrous yarn rain cats love to swallow. Hard metallic strip, once in the intestine, can just cut through it from the inside, causing peritonitis. It is treated only emergency operations, and not just treat the animal dies. The only weak “comfort” in this situation, is the fact that the rain and tinsel can be clearly seen on X-rays.

If you notice that the cat’s out of the anus sticking the tip of a thread the rain – do not pull on it. “Raindrops” can be very long, a few meters, and trying to pull it, you just increase the risk of bowel section. In this case, the cat will not hurt mineral oil, and then – urgent appeal to the vet.

Meanwhile, to avoid unpleasant consequences, and not to go to the X-ray and the operation is very easy – just give up the use of rain on the tree. If you have no strength at all to part with shiny ornaments – tinsel secure in obviously reach of cats place. For example, decorate it chandelier. But from the rain is better to give up altogether. There are less dangerous ways to make a Christmas tree beautiful and elegant.

By the way, glass toys on the Christmas tree is also better not to hang up, sadly. Broken balls first, dangerous, and secondly, just feel sorry for yourself toy. Now sold enough unbreakable fine jewelry – use them.

As for the trees, it is better to put a life. If the cat obgryzet couple of twigs, then, as a last resort, its vomit needles. Unpleasant, but not very scary. But the cat, nazhevavshis plastic “needle” with an artificial tree, make risks ileus, which is also treated surgically.

Another danger for cats – open windows and doors. When in the house a lot of guests, it is stuffy, and someone is sure to open the window, and then the door to the balcony, to ventilate the room. If the ventilator is not withdrawn the grid – a cat “simply” falls out of the window. In this case, injury from falling exacerbated by the subcooling cat be missed if not immediately. If a cat slipping on the glassed-in balcony – it is likely that there will forget it, and the cat again get hypothermia.

If guests do not smoke in the apartment, most likely, they do this either on the balcony, which we just mentioned, or go to the stairwell. Entrance apartment door and then opened and closed, an animal few people pay attention. A cat can slip out the door and be good if it just dosidev until the morning in the warm entryway. But a few noisy companies on different floors may scare the animal and to encourage it to further flight, perhaps – on the street. To prevent such situations, you can, of course, instruct guests in advance what you can, what you can not open the windows, and persistently asked to ensure that the front door was closed. But these instructions are very easy to forget in the heat of celebration.

Therefore, if you do not want the morning of the first of January to look for the cat knows where – better to just advance to isolate it from the guests. Ideal – to allocate her a room in the apartment, which will not go away, put there a bowl of food and water, put toys, arrange the nest, leave the lights on. If a single room is not – then you can at least put the animal in a carrier, provided with water, and place in a distant corner.

From the noise, the invasion of the guests from the forced isolation cat will be nervous. To avoid this is almost impossible, but you can alleviate stress and its consequences. To this end, a week before the holiday, you can start giving the animal a mild sedative, such as “KotBayun”.


8426295130_9f594c79bb_zDogs, by experience, are less prone to eating a variety of Christmas artifacts, but there are exceptions to any rule. Therefore, if a family has a dog, it also makes sense to give up the rain, tinsel and glass toys.

The dog is unlikely to be thrown out in the open window, but dog owners lurks another danger. New Year’s fireworks and fireworks, that in the courts are beginning to run already for a few days before the holidays. All this gunfire may just scare the animal and the dog blows aimlessly, spurred by his fear, hear nothing and do not react to any commands. Therefore, no matter how commonplace this was true, but it is worth repeating – in and during the holidays breed dogs for a walk on a leash is necessary. Even if you superdressirovannoe animal. Anybody can be scared. And, ideally, it would be good even to change an ordinary collar on the harness – because it is more difficult to twist.

If you are not sure that in case of sudden jerk can hold the leash – or change the location of the walks. Walk early, because “later” fireworks can end well after midnight. Yeah, man, it also applies to you – even if you do not complain about their power. A sudden jerk and ice underfoot can overthrow and very self-confident person.

Consult with your veterinarian for a sedative can be given to your dog to help her survive the Christmas stress.

Sausage – not for cats and dogs

Before you welcome guests, feed the cat and dog their usual food. And severely punish all who came to the house – do not feed the animals! Summer sausage, a traditional Russian salad, herring under a fur coat and meat in French, and for the people is not the healthiest food, and even for animals and even more so.

To treat the consequences of just one of the treats may be long and difficult. Fatty, spicy, roasted foods can lead to damage of the liver, pancreas, and banal poisoning.

Dogs in any case can not be given chicken (and turkey, goose, duck and other birds) bone. Tubular bone at razgryzaniya scatter on sharp fragments of comparable swallowing hazard steel awl. Only sewed on X-rays will be seen, and his bones – no. As a result, possible bowel obstruction and tears.

Stories are also known cases where drunken guests “for the company” poured and the master’s pet. This development usually leads to alcohol poisoning.

Therefore, if the animals are not isolated, be prepared for what you will need to gather strength and to personally monitor throughout the celebration, to cat and dog did not get anything off the table.

Rats, fish, birds

Before the arrival of guests rodent cells are better placed away, this will help avoid undesirable excesses on both sides. Your animals are not exposed to danger of being nourished and given to drink not what it should be, and the guests will not be bitten by the nervous rat, chinchilla, or a parrot, if they will not be able to stick your fingers where you should not.

Open aquarium is better to close with something that no one will be tempted to shake off the ashes into it, or pour the remainder of the glass or something worse (yes, such things have happened).

Small animals and birds are very much affected by tobacco smoke. Therefore, in a place where there are cells of rodents and birds, you must enter a hard ban on smoking. During the celebration in a room the concentration of tobacco smoke can reach a value sufficient to ensure that the animals were severely injured. A small bird can simply die after inhaling toxic smoke.

Remember, the New Year – a holiday for all. And all of these measures are quite simple to implement. But compliance ensures that you do not have to get bogged down in the veterinary clinic for the holiday table. Or, perhaps, it will keep in your wallet rather big amount that would have to spend if the development will be missed a dangerous situation. And most importantly – respect for these precautions will allow you to continue to live in the society of your pets.

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