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New Pet Care Unit Tatuapé: Brazil’s first therapy center and Animal behavior 

New hospital will be in Tatuapé, east of São Paulo. Unit will also include care in cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, dentistry and other specialties

The Pet Care , the largest network of veterinary hospitals in the country, will take to the east of São Paulo the most comprehensive clinical care structure, surgical and diagnostics for small animals, in addition to know-how accumulated over 20 years of experience in the segment. The new unit of the veterinary hospital was opened in the district of Tatuapé has the first center of therapy and animal behavior country.


“We note the lack of the region by a referral hospital that meets the most diverse cases involving pets. We also want to be partners of smaller clinics, offering our structure to carry out tests or more specific queries, “explains Carla veterinary Berl, director of the Pet Care . The hospital will have 500 m² of floor area, operating 24 hours a day and a team of veterinarians and skilled specialists trained in the best schools of veterinary medicine.

As in other hospitals in the network, facilities Tatuapé unit will be modern, with infrastructure and unique attractions in Brazil. Following the standards of human hospitals, will feature non-slip rubber floor with rounded corners and standard paint, which follow rules that ensure easy maintenance and aseptic environments, beyond the hospital infection control.

Also, will the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) with full monitoring, the same equipment and structures used in human neonatal ICU and exclusive intensive veterinary 24 hours. “The Intensive Care Unit Tatuapé will have two beds,” and intensive semi can house more than 20 animals admitted full Dra. Carla.

First Therapy Center and Animal Behavior

The great advantage of the Pet Care Tatuapé will be the Therapy and Animal Behavior Center , the first in Brazil. The animals that pass through the space will be attended by the renowned Dr. Daniel Ramos, specialist in behavioral veterinary medicine.

The waiting room will be isolated from other areas of the hospital and will have the release of pheromones in the air to calm the animals and improve treatment. “In this space there is the possibility of training a number of puppies at the same time, behavioral treatment for cats, in addition to training and socialization in adult dogs,” says Dr. Carla Berl. The first training group of puppies will start on 20 September.

Clinical body Tatuapé unit , which will comprise the service 80 animals per day, will also have experts in cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology, dentistry, nutrition, physiotherapy, orthopedics, ophthalmology , and acupuncture. “Our hospital is full and we can help to solve cases faster, shortening the time required for diagnosis and treatment,” says the professional. “We are considered by the veterinary community, the largest in Brazil in reference veterinary hospital and we will constantly improve,” he concludes.

The Pet Care held over the years more than 500 thousand people, a pioneer in creating a network of veterinary hospitals as structured.

NEW Tatuapé Unit: Serra do Japi Street, 965 – Sao Paulo


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