My pet is in PetCare. And you miss them?

My pet is in PetCare. And you miss Them?

Unfortunately sometimes our pets need to be hospitalized for his recovery, which is sad for them and their families. The family suffers from their absence at home and worry all the time about how the animal is. They suffer from the strange environment and do not understand what happens.

In addition to all our technical resources , we have a great concern for the welfare of our inpatients and with the peace of their families, always aiming to unite all the fastest in their homes again!

Thus our priority is to offer the best medical care , since many animals are weak and need care 24 hours. Associated with this emotional support is very important and encourage you to visit our patients.

It is very important that these two supports are made jointly with a single goal: the well – being and recovery of our patients!

Because it is an environment ICU and patients are in continuous monitoring and treatment, some recommendations very help that our work together:

create schedules for your visit (Mon to Fri from 10:00 to 13: 00h and 17:00 to 20h00h; Sat, Sun and fer from 10:00 to 13: 00h and 16:00….. at 18: 00h), the visits are carried out in order of arrival, sometimes there may be expected;

whenever possible try to reconcile all of the family for the same time as this decreases the handling and stopping monitoring, and reduce anxiety of your pet;

there’s always a veterinarian responsible for their animal, which will update the news on the frame and clarify all doubts of the family;

– depending on the animal’s state visit will take place in a room or in the hospital;

stay with your pet for 15 minutes , as if to leave the hospital for the living room, can not get much time away from your treatment, or if the visit has to be in the hospital, the procedures can not be interrupted for a period longer long;

unfortunately in some situations we recommend that patients are not visited because any excitement may aggravate the situation and hinder recovery (very anxious animals that have high expected for a short period, cardiac patients and animals to convulse);

– even where the visit is not recommended, the owners can come to the hospital to personally talk with the attending veterinarian;

during the visit, do not talk or move to other animals, as this can stress them. Unfortunately some animals may bite when you least expect and do not want anyone to get hurt;

– in a hospital emergencies and unexpected situations happen all the time, if it happens during your visit, rest assured , always give a little way to carry it out and the vet come into contact with the family as soon as possible, even if by phone ;

– we ask for only one family responsible to contact by phone when necessary. Often we can not answer at the time, but we will return as soon as possible. Be still, any change in the picture of your pet, we get in touch!

in cases of high , we come to the same visiting hours as our routine is suitable for all be prepared in these periods, including adjusting the schedules of the remedies that will take your pet at home. Whenever possible combine an appointment with the veterinarian responsible;

We want all families of our patients know that we are here to make this time as comfortable as possible. If you have questions, unforeseen or may not come within the prescribed times, always come into contact with the veterinarian responsible for jointly seek the best solution with our patients always come first!

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