My dog is afraid of rain and thunder. What do I do?

My dog ​​is afraid of rain and thunder. What do I do?


Many dogs – puppies and adults – are afraid of rain and thunder. Of course, the owners end up with pity and do everything to calm your pets, but … what is the best way to calm him down? And how do you lose the fear of thunder?

Dogs do not necessarily scare with the volume of noise (although they have hearing 2-3 times better than ours), but the danger they may pose. Dogs afraid because certain noises may mean that something dangerous and threatening is approaching – and as they do not know what it is, tend to hide or seek protection with the owner.

The best way to calm them is to show that these noises do not represent any danger to them. Show that your dog is safe, acting naturally (without that excessive protection) and try to distract him with some activities, such as: make jokes with him or offer some snacks.

Another tip is to take the dog to a quiet room in the house for a few minutes and expose him back to the noise gradually. For example: call the whole family, turn on the radio with a quiet music and make a “mess”, so that the external noise gradually come back and pass the animal to have more security with it.

There are cases where the dog can get in despair, urinate involuntarily vomit, have seizures and even run away terrified. In such situations, the distraction will not be sufficient, requiring a veterinarian previously prescribe the use of sedatives or muscle relaxants.

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