My dog has a lump in his skin. What can this be?

My dog ​​has a lump in his skin. What can this be? 

It could be cancer?

As the veterinarian can know what it is?

Many owners stroking your pet or even while bathing realize some nodules or lumps in the skin or under the skin and are full of doubts about what could this be and is essential for your veterinarian know about his discovery as soon as possible.

Dogs and cats can have many benign tumors of the skin or subcutaneous, but confirmation of this could be it depends on the assessment of the veterinarian and especially aspiration cytology or even a biopsy . The results of these tests can help detect their veterinary malignant lesions before spreading.

Even some benign tumors should be monitored as the signs of change in size, appearance or even consistency, because it is possible that a benign tumor into a malignant tumor.

Malignant tumors can be similar in appearance to benign tumors, so that the examination of cytology or biopsy becomes very important to define what actually exists in the skin of your pet.

And after the exam knowing what is this lump, what can be done?

Once the diagnosis of your pet nodule has been confirmed, the next step is to discuss all treatment options with your veterinarian.

Surgery is the most common method of healing (and effective) for treating. Talk to your veterinarian about the stages of pre-surgery you can take to prepare your pet.

The main nodes and tumors of skin in dogs are:

– lipomas.

– Mast cell tumors.

– histiocytomas.

– papillomas

– inflammatory reactions and vaccine applications.

– Carcinomas.

– dysplasias of skin appendages.

– cysts.

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