Mini-pigas at home: care and maintenance

Mini-pigas at home: care and maintenance

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Find yourself a pig can now not only farmers with large private house and a pigsty, but even those who have an apartment. No, the house will not be walking around a huge pink boar. After youthe apartment will be sweet mince small, even dwarf pigs, they are also mini piggies.

This pet is no longer a rarity. Increasingly, these tiny miniature pigs win the hearts of people. However, it is worth remembering that these dwarf animals until they are small. As they get older pigs grow, reaching 70 kg of weight and 40 cm at the withers (which is not so little), although there are some small rocks pigov whose representatives do not grow more than 10 kilos.

Funny mini piggies

Dwarf breed pigs

And you know what breed of decorative miniature pigs there? Probably not. Surely you thought that all pigs are equal, but in fact they come in several forms: mini mayyalino, Vietnamese Pigs, Gottingen mini P & G, bergshtresser knirt, wiesenau. Now a little bit about each breed.

Mini mayyalino

That’s where the really small, even I want to say that micro piggies. Dimensions of this animal is really amazing, for this reason, the pig brought to the Guinness Book of Records as the most diminutive. piglet weight no more than a pound, and adults as the pig is not usually heavier than 10 kg.


These vislobryuhie pigs are the progenitors of all the little pigs. But that’s only to say that “the Vietnamese” dwarf, not worth it. The first specimen weighed almost a quintal. But thanks to the work of breeders managed to reduce their body weight up to 45 pounds.

Göttingen mini P & G

Piglet is originally from Germany. This breed has appeared not so long ago (a relatively “young” look). Externally, Gottingen mini piggies very similar to the “Vietnamese”.

The body weight of the pet varies from 70 to 90 kilos. Of course, such pigs in the apartment include not worth it. First, the animal will be very uncomfortable (a small place, there is no room for jogging), secondly, the neighbors from the bottom (and top and sides) will not like the constant clatter, grunt. And, thirdly, to clean up after such a huge boar would be very tedious, and in the streets of the city do not walk, guests will be surprised.

Funny mini piggies

Bergshtresser knirt

These pigs these beetles. Although their ancestors were “vetantsy” knirty different small body weight – only 12-15 kg. Due to this, and a very nice attractive face these pigs become very popular in Europe (while Vietnamese and Go√ąttingen mini piggies often infest America).


Mini P & G breed wiesenau very compact. Body weight to 25 pounds. Slightly angular body (it can be said that the “square”), and the muzzle without folds.

Maintenance and care for mini piggies

The contents of the mini piggies depends on their breed. For example, the Vietnamese and Gottingen pigs have to live on the site of a private house. These miniature pig can not live in the apartment. But mini mayyalino is quite possible to settle in the city.

  • In any case, for a healthy and happy life of the animal is necessary to ensure good maintenance and care. First, make sure that your house is full of space, where the animal can run. Be sure to take corner or an entire room, where the pig will relax and feel comfortable. We need a lounger (can be a mattress), do not forget the aviary (otherwise destroy the pig house, while you will not be home).

Funny mini piggies

For those with private cabana has its own plot, everything is much easier. You can build a pigsty warm, protect the space in the yard where the pet will be free to walk in the fresh air.

  • If you decide to keep the house wiesenau or mini mayyalino, you definitely need to put a tray where micro piggies will go to the toilet. But remember that this pet is smart enough, so he chooses a place in which to relieve themselves. Pigs will not shit where sleep or play. Let say “dirty as a pig,” but in fact this animal is fairly cleanly.
  • It is important that minipig could not get to dangerous objects (cabinets firmly closed, all glass / fragile / small objects away clean, more reliable hide clothing, footwear, household chemicals, etc.). In order not to injure the pig, all slippery surfaces, carpeted Palace, or the claw will unravel, and the pet will not be able to move around the house. Pigs, even decorative, can open the refrigerator as soon realize that there can be profit tasty. Therefore come up as will lock the refrigerator or close the kitchen.
  • Now let’s talk about feeding the mini pigs. Pigs, albeit small, dwarf, eat absolutely everything – they are omnivores. Therefore, the feed can be almost everything that exists in the fridge. Of course, salted, smoked, grilled and other goodies for the person giving it is not necessary, so as not to spoil the baby gastrointestinal tract.

Feeding bowls are ideal for dogs. In one pour pure water (it should be at room temperature), the feed to another place. It is important to observe the mode (2-3 times a day). The animal gets used to it, and it is very good for digestion.

Ideal food for mini svinyushek serve vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, turnips, pumpkin, etc.), apples, cereals (buckwheat, barley, oats, etc.). Vegetables can be as raw rub directly into the gruel and boiled to give. Porridge to boil only the water without salt and any spices.

Funny mini piggies

Excellent eaten black bread, bone flour, sprouted grain. Well, if you give your pet vitamins (the easiest option – the usual fish oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy). Do not forget about protein foods (it also should not be less than 10% of the daily ration): cottage cheese (low-fat is better, there is more calcium is contained), yogurt. Some of the owners of dwarf pigs fed crumbs dog food of high quality.

  1. Now let’s talk about the care of mini piggies. Pigs love to swim, so would be happy to take a bath (without foam, soaps and other cosmetics). and if you rub her back brush, the piglet zahryukaet pleasure. Only after bathing necessarily wipe thoroughly with a towel, dry the animal, wrap up, and then take out of the bathroom, or pet can catch a cold.
  2. Teach crumbs to harness and walk on a leash. So you can provide your pet a permanent stay in the open air under the sun. Without the sun and vitaminok (especially vitamin D) pig seriously ill. And without a harness to walk mumps will be almost impossible (it is necessary to run).
  3. Care dwarf pig is not only bathing, walking and feeding. To this should also include timely access to a veterinarian. Because mini piggies also require vaccination, castration, de-worming and trimming hooves, as well as the usual big pig. And be sure to make sure that the pet has not been a draft, not supercool (or do not go for a walk in cool weather, or warm clothes piggies).

And if you do everything correctly, then your pet will live a long and happy life. By the way, for those who do not know how many live mini piggies, answer: Healthy dwarf ornamental pig can live 15-20 years.

Funny mini piggies

How to avoid fraud when buying

First of all do not buy animal breeders. By purchasing the animal on the market, is a risk that under the guise of decorative hryushechki you slipped ordinary pig pig, which, as adults, will weigh 350 pounds! In addition, you should pay attention to the cost. Slimmer than the pig, so it will be more expensive.

Be sure to “get acquainted” with their parents. If the pigs will not be like them, it is necessary to guard. In addition, the disposition of parents inherited. Think about whether you want your pig behaved well.

Good breeders maintain contact their former customers, interested in the life of the piglets. Therefore, hang out with other piggies happy owners to look at the kids with other litter. Do not take away with the ads. I want to save, risk to grow a hefty boar grunts instead of sweet crumbs.

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