Linear foreign body in intestine

Linear foreign body in the intestine


Last week we operate a dog with linear foreign body , was a piece of narrow ribbon or raffia .The photos show the pleating that occurred in the intestine because a part was trapped in the stomach and the rest walked through the intestine, making for example, the same effect as amarrarmos pants at the waist that has a shoelace and go squeezing more and more (photo below ).


He arrived here quite prostrate with vomiting and bloody diarrhea. We diagnose the presence of the foreign body by ultrasound. The animal was operated, it remained a few hours fasting and returned home feeling well.


Gastrointestinal foreign body in pets is especially problematic for causing intestinal folding. During surgery for its removal, we have to make several openings of the stomach and intestine. In some cases, particularly in cats, this foreign body may be anchored in the mouth, under the tongue.

We asked for theĀ  Dr Fabiano , surgeon remember what already withdrew from linear foreign body in dogs and cats in these last 18 months, and he told us: pieces of wool, thread, thread needle, tending small net, fishing hook with line fishing, lace, gauze bandage (dressing the animal licked and swallowed the gauze), sisal yarn, clothesline, pantyhose (very common), garbage bag, scapular …

The incidence of foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract is higher in young dogs or those that tend to move the trash. Already in cats, usually the owner observes the time of intake, since the most common is the yarn used as a toy.

If your pet is showing persistent vomiting , diarrhea and / or constipation , stay tuned and look for a veterinarian.


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