Learn About the Schnauzer Breed

Learn About the Schnauzer Breed

The puppies of schnauzer breed are excellent companions, so they are commonly chosen by many Brazilian families as pets. The mini-schnauzer can be color salt and pepper, black or white.

The health problems most common in this breed are urinary calculi (stones in the bladder and kidney) and also has much likely to present a high rate of fat in the blood (increased triglycerides) after 5 years of age, as they get older .

Therefore, we recommend to owners of schnauzer, that after 4 years of age, do abdominal ultrasound once a year, urine tests, and a dosage of blood fat in your animal.

The schnauzer diets should be low in fat and often special for those animals that have a tendency to stone formation.

When these problems are not well maintained, animals with calculations may become clogged or have chronic urinary infection. In the case of high blood fat, the animal may develop hypertension as well as diabetes.

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