Jokes and distractions for dogs: when are they indicated?

Jokes and distractions for dogs: when are they Indicated? 

Dogs love games and distractions, whether inside or outside the home. Walks, activities with other dogs and toys are great choices to keep them distracted, and stimulate physical activity and sharpen the senses of dogs, which is essential for animals that spend most of the time indoors or apartment.

It is important to provide distraction to the dogs because, through play, they tend to become more sociable and friendly. They also help shape the behavior of pets and close relationship with the tutors and other animals that live in the same environment and are recommended for animals of any size, breed or age.

The games are even more necessary for pets who spend many hours of the day alone and has no other dogs or toys to distract. These animals tend to be more aggressive and destructive anxious features which will only worsen over time.

For them, the act of separation is traumatic because every time tutors leave home, they understand as “abandonment” and this may develop behavioral changes difficult to be reversed.

Thus, it is important to introduce toys in the lives of pets so that this separation is less painful and thus they can have a life less stressed. In addition to helping to reduce the stress of spending the day alone toys as a way of distraction, occupy much of their time, since things like television, computers and games, to which people are accustomed, are good for our animals pet.

When you enter play on a daily dog?

The games should be introduced when the dog is a puppy, they help in the cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal development, balance, coordination and motor skills like hunting and protective instincts. Dogs playing since puppies learn to better control the strength and better react to external stimuli (visits, fireworks, noise etc.). They are generally easier to handle and are less stressed when the vet visits are necessary.

It is worth remembering that the games are important for all dogs, regardless of size or age. What can change is the kind of joke.

Large dogs usually need physical activities like walking, running and playing with other dogs of the same size. small toys are not recommended due to the risk of ingestion of the entire object or parts of it.

Small dogs tend to accept and smaller toys, activities with the same size dogs and do not require as much physical activity as the great, but also need regular walks and hikes.

Acceptance of toys is individual, ie, if a dog likes a type of toy, does not mean that everyone else will like the same way. So it is necessary to present different types of toys to encourage them as best as possible.

Most pets love to play with balls and toys resistant rubber. Toys must be resistant, due to the risk of ingestion of parts of them (as may occur with children), which will result in a visit to the veterinarian.

Toys containing food or snacks inside are also great to stimulate thought. Have toys that have strings or wires are contraindicated for animals that have very destructive instinct, due to increased fragility of these materials and risk of foreign body ingestion.

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