I’m going to travel by plane, can I take my pet?

I’m going to travel by plane, can I take my pet?

The answer is: it depends. We should take several precautions before deciding to take our pet to travel by plane.

We take into account the age, size, race and the animal health status in addition to the trip destination and chosen airline.

Some companies do not allow the transport of smaller puppies 2 months. While some companies allow passengers to board with their pets in the cabin as “hand luggage”, others only authorize the animal to travel in the cargo hold that, nowadays, is pressurized and has a controlled temperature.

There are also animal the size limit to be transported in the cabin. There are races that can be prevented from embarking on very hot days, especially the short snout like Bulldog, Pug, Persian and Exotic.

The size of the shipping box is also important. Some companies allow the owner to take the animal in the cabin provided it is small. The weight limit is usually 10 kg counting the weight of the box and the animal; and the size of the box, around 36cm long, 33cm wide and 25cm in height on average. The animal must be able to turn inside the box. The animals are accepted in business and economy class.

Every animal that will travel needs to undergo evaluation of a veterinarian up to 1 week prior to shipment to be made a Health Certificate. It is also mandatory the presentation of rabies vaccination records (held between 1-12 months before the trip).

For domestic travel, the presentation of the portfolio of vaccination against rabies and the Health Certificate is required. As for international travel, Serologic Testing of the presentation is needed for anger made three months before the trip.

Many countries also ask that your pet have a microchip for identification. In addition, it is necessary to make an assessment at the Ministry of Agriculture to get the Zoo Sanitary Certificate (CZI), valid for 10 days.

It’s a lot to do! Before you buy your ticket, enter contact with the airline not to have any surprises on the day of shipment. Also contact the consulate or embassy of the country of destination to learn about the animals entry laws of other countries.

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