How to treat an ulcer on a dog’s body

How to treat an ulcer on a dog’s body

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  • Preventive measures

Erosion is a surface damage of the upper layers of the skin. They are painful, delivering considerable discomfort to animals, butadequate treatment quickly pass. Ulcers, unlike erosions affect the deep dermis and require more care in order to avoid infection.

Dermatitis in dogs

The causes of the disease

Erosive and ulcerative dermatitis, is not an independent pathology, may occur for various reasons, including trauma, burns – the most common. Often, damage to the skin are formed by the reaction of the organism to medicamentous preparations.

Factors provoking dermatosis, may include:

  • autoimmune diseases (vasculitis, pemphigus, etc…);
  • infectious diseases (aureus, sporotrichosis, dermatophytosis, etc…);
  • parasitic diseases (sarcoptic mange, demodekoz);
  • hereditary, congenital pathology;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • Oncology (fungoides, squamous cell carcinoma, etc…);
  • eating disorders (allergic to food, zinc deficiency in the body);
  • frostbite;
  • exposure to toxic chemicals;
  • insect bites, snakes.

Sometimes the vet, even though Diagnostic tests, difficult to identify the reasons for the ulcers and erosions on the dog’s skin. diagnosed “idiopathic disorder” in such cases.

What breed are subject to

The representatives of some breeds erosive and ulcerative dermatoses diagnosed in several breeds huskies, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Irish Setter, Bulldogs, Boxers, Great Danes. The representatives of these breeds excessive formation of horny scales.

Two dogs on grass

The main symptoms

The clinical picture depends on the cause of the pathology. dog owner should alert the following symptoms:

  • dull matted hair, alopecia;
  • focal inflammation of the dermis to the body;
  • lesions on pressure points;
  • excessive dryness of the skin, sores;
  • depigmentation;
  • oozing wounds.

dog’s behavior changes. It becomes sluggish, inactive, not adequately respond to external stimuli. The animal loses weight, since it is either absent or reduced appetite. In some cases there may be a decrease in body temperature.

Diagnostics vetklinike

Dermatosis has many similar features with other skin disorders, such as allergies, so no comprehensive diagnostic veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis. Specialist is required to conduct a complete physical examination of the dog and to compare them with the results of blood tests and skin biopsies.

Methods of treatment and prognosis

Uniform treatment regimens erosive and ulcerative dermatitis does not exist. It is aimed at eliminating the causes that caused the disease. In each case, the individual selects veterinarian therapy system.

Treatment is carried out in combination, it is mainly medical. In severe cases, such as cancer, can not do without surgery.

The doctor examines the dog

Appropriate, especially at the initial stage, the use of wound healing agents (ointments, batter, creams, gels). They are designed for local treatment, and have good anti-bacterial, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory properties, promote epithelialization and regeneration of damaged tissues. We worked well in this regard:

  • Argosulfan;
  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • solkoseril;
  • levomekol;
  • streptocid;
  • sulfanilamide;
  • Heparin ointment;
  • Miramistin;
  • silver nitrate.

Ulcers on the damaged skin impose a special bandage. Veterinarians note the high efficiency of the drug Voskopran unique dressing impregnated with wax and healing ointments. It has wound healing, analgesic, ranoprotektornym effect and accelerates the healing of purulent infected wounds and ulcers.

possible complications

Erosions and ulcers do not heal on their own and periodically recur. If not early treatment, in destructive and degenerative processes may occur structures damaged tissues.

What to do at home

The dog owner is required strict compliance with all veterinary indications. In no case be self-medicate, it may worsen the situation. For example, some ointments contain a part of alcohol or other ingredients that when applied to the skin cause the animal pain and discomfort.

Affected areas of erosions and ulcers should be kept clean. For processing uses special tools designed for sensitive skin.

The hostess washes dog

Also, the dog shall be appointed immunomodulators, drugs, enzyme preparations, vitamins and minerals.

preventive measures

Good care, balanced diet – the best preventive measures, warning development of erosions and ulcers in the dog’s skin. Regularly features a pet vet and do not neglect vaccinations, which will save the favorite of many ailments.

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