How to help my dog or cat lose weight?

How to help my dog ​​or cat lose weight? |

Many animals become obese because they do not exercise as they should or because they are eating improperly and eating more calories than they spend per day. Only a veterinary evaluation can establish what should be changed in the pet’s routine so that he can lose weight and make your health “days”.

This assessment includes changes such as:

– How the animal needs to lose weight;

– What is the proper exercise program;

– What is the most appropriate diet;

– What is the amount of food;

– How many meals should be offered daily.

On the other hand, some alternatives can begin to be taken by the dog or cat owner so that the weight gain does not become a bigger problem.

– Do not offer snacks for your dog or cat while you are eating.

– Do not offer only one meal a day to your pet, let alone overdo the amount of food that single daily meal of your pet.

– Search by food given to your dog or cat with low calories.

– Make it light hiking with an average of 30 minutes per day.

– Buy toys that encourage physical activity of your pet so that he can play at home and thus expend calories.

– Always keep fresh, clean water available.

Many animals have heart problems, other endocrine and depending on each can establish the plan and weight loss goals. It is important to remember that obesity contributes to joint problems, back problems, difficulty breathing, heart problems, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and high trigliceris.

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