How to Educate a Deaf Dog?

How to Educate the Deaf Dog?

Usually we educate our dogs with praise and verbal reprimand. The dog is auditory and olfactory and learn a lot with our tone of voice. If so and you have a deaf dog then we have to learn to teach him otherwise.

As the dog can not hear verbal praise, we have to use hand signals (visual training) that could become the primary means of communication between the owner and the deaf dog.

The process of teaching a “yes” signal of the hands is relatively simple. First, you give the hand signal, then you have to offer the treats and snacks to make positive reinforcement.

After about 50 repetitions, the puppy will learn to associate the sign of hands, with a reward that won replacing verbal praise that he is unable to identify.

Besides the difficulty of not understanding that signal if it is not looking at you, another challenge constant will be getting the puppy’s attention . You will not be able to “call” your dog in a conventional manner, much less a name. We have to create other forms of connectivity is by signals (vision) or by smell or even by touch.

In addition to traditional resources, we can use flashlights to communicate at night, or laser tips it is much brighter than normal light and can reach up to 100 meters at night. To shine the laser dot in front of the dog, or on a wall, you can attract the dog’s attention but never direct the eyes as it may cause discomfort or damage the retina.

It may be common to think that the deaf dog may have changes comportament it as insecurity, aggression or have other brain changes . For dog owners who have had success in training deaf dogs, these concerns are meaningless.

If you accept and meet the challenge of creating a deaf pet , you will need skill, patience, and lots of imagination . In return, you will get wet kisses a wagging tail relentlessly and a priceless gift – a faithful friend for life.

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