How to Cut the Feathers of Birds …

How to Cut the Birds of Feathers ..

Many people today have exotic birds indoors as pets . Cockatiels, parrots, parakeets are among the most common birds found in houses and apartments.

When birds are loose in the house, we have to take care of windows (to be screened), with dogs and especially with cats that can instinctively try to hunt them.

To become loose and do not engage in danger or run away from your home , as they are exotic birds that can not afford to live loose in nature, we must take care to regularly trim the feathers of the wings.

For this look for a vet and then to learn, you can do it at home without problems.

Below are some rules to be able to make it home safely without hurting your bird:

1. Ask a veterinarian to show you how to cut the first time, and make notes so you know how to trim the feathers in your own home. Usually the first two primary feathers should be preserved.

2. Ask someone to help you hold the bird .

3. Examine all wing feathers , identifying and separating the first two primary feathers from the outside in. (see picture 2). These penalties should not be cut while maintaining the aesthetics of the wing and preventing getting hurt while trying to fly (only get low and short flight). You can also cut all the feathers (photo 1), getting less aesthetic and preventing even low and short flights. In this case only the bird walk.

4. Identify emerging feathers, smaller and have blood on track. These penalties should not be cut because it will bleed.

5. Locate the primary feathers on each wing. These sentences begin at the wing tip and are followed by secondary and tertiary groups feathers.

6. Use scissors to cut the primary feathers on each wing, just below the protective feathers (small feathers) that cover the flight feathers (primaries). You can cut 6-8 flight feathers on both wings.

7. If you cut or damage a blood feather, start it at the base with tweezers or needle nose pliers to prevent further blood loss and consult a veterinarian.

8. Make certain to cut the feathers of both wings evenly, cutting only one wing you will leave the unbalanced bird.

The cut of penalties is painless, but most birds do not particularly like the restraint. Penalties cut,  will only grow in the next moult, around 10 to 12 months later.


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