Nail cutting is one of the hygiene habits of your dog that we should not overlook. In fact, there are many people who think that they are filed naturally and that this is enough, but this is a mistake.

Too long fingernails can cause pain when walking, so with this habit we will avoid injuries and / or breakages. It is best to cut your dog’s nails every two weeks , but the frequency of cutting depends on the characteristics of your dog, such as its breed, size, age and exercise. Then we will guide you so that you can do it at home without problems. You just need a little patience and know the steps well.


Tranquility before everything. Some dogs get nervous and it is necessary that someone help us to hold it to make the cut without causing any harm to the animal. Therefore, first of all, reassure him and find a place where you are comfortable. Afterwards, it is important to observe how they support the dog’s nails on the ground to have a reference of the size that we should cut, as well as to check the length of the spur, whose nail usually curves inwards. You can help yourself with a flashlight by illuminating the backlit area to see the living part easily and make sure that the cut is painless.


There are numerous types of nail clippers. The use of scissors or tongs that we usually use for our personal use, are not recommended because even before reaching the cut, they can compress so much that it can be very painful for your dog. To make the cut as fast and accurate we must use a special nail clipper , better if it is guillotine type. Its cutting bevel has a very acute angle and it is closing a diameter, with which, the cut is very uniform to the entire surface of the nail. Also, you can use it to cut a cat’s nails.

– Special clippers for dogs. You can find it in pet stores at a very affordable price.

– Gauzes

– astringent powder or hydrogen peroxide


The nails have inside a small vascular pedicle and a small nerve branch or living part that corresponds to the pink area. We must differentiate where the living part of the nail separates from the “dead zone”. However, sometimes, it is not so simple, because animals can have their nails pigmented in white, brown or black, something that can make it difficult to see clearly where the cut point is. In any case, it is better not to cut too tightly.

If the nail is white it looks without problems. You just have to look at where the pinkish part ends, where the blood vessels are, and make the cut from there

Black nail. In the nails that are dark it is advisable to go little by little from the tip and not to exceed the gray part


No matter how much care we put, it may happen that we exceed that limit and cut part of the living nail, thus producing a small hemorrhage. In this case, calm your dog by giving him a treat and apply astringent powders or oxygenated water with a swab to cut the bleeding.

Remember to check the size of the nails at least once a month and accustom your pet to this routine from puppy so that it is not a traumatic experience for him.

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