For first-time owners of domestic cats there are two or three questions that you need to know about these fascinating animals if you want your stay at home to be pleasant and your health that of an oak during the 10 or 12 years on average that a cat usually lives domestic. So here are some tips on how to care for your cat .

The health of your cat

Here we are always sharp. As for the health of your pet, always consult a specialist, a veterinarian or your usual supplier of a specialized store.

Vaccines and deworming processes should be carried out as directed by your veterinarian. It is not a good idea to improvise with health and health products for your cat since, for example, antiparasitic products that go very well in dogs against fleas, lice or ticks can be poisonous for your cat.

As a rule, an adult cat receives annual vaccines against rabies, leukemia and to protect it from respiratory diseases and, to avoid internal parasites, antiparasitic treatments are usually done between 2 and 4 times a year.


Cats, like all pets, need to eat a balanced diet . The custom of many pet owners to offer their animals the leftovers of human food is not a good idea since an animal, by physical characteristics and by size, does not require the same nutrients or the same foods and quantities as It requires a person and, in most cases, instead of doing a favor to your pet, we will be favoring the appearance of ailments and health problems.

A correct diet for cats can be based preferentially on feed. As with dog food, cat food can be dry (crunchy balls or dice for cats) or wet ( cat pats ) and the amount of cat food brands , flavors and presentations are almost as many as cats. .

What we should take into account when choosing the right type of feed for our cat is its age and the physiological moment in which it is since it will require a different selection of nutrients depending on whether it is in the breeding phase , lactation or gestation.


The best thing we can do with a cat is not to force him to maintain a strict meal schedule. As we said at the beginning of this article, the cats like to maintain a certain independence and although they will ask you for food if they do not have it available and they are hungry, it is better to leave a cat feeder with enough food available during the day. that he eats whenever he wants.

And with water, the same. Although it is not uncommon for cats to look for moving water sources (they love to drink from dripping faucets) a bowl of fresh water next to their food will be perfect for your cat.

Hygiene and care

As we say, cats are quite independent, which does not mean they are not affectionate. However, washing and grooming prefer to do it on their own. In fact, unlike dogs, cats are very clean and they spend endless hours cleaning themselves several times a day.

However, one of the care that you and your cat will appreciate most is the daily brushing. On the one hand, your hair will gain in thickness and shine and, at the same time, you will avoid the hairballs that he removes with his personal grooming and that, as you know, he swallows involuntarily.

These balls of hair that your cat swallows are not usually a problem because they remove them in their bowel movements but in some cases they get stuck in their intestinal tract generating some discomfort for your animal.

If this happens, the plugs formed by these hair balls also known as trichobezoars, can generate diarrhea, vomiting and lack of appetite so a proper daily brushing will be one of the best ways to care for your cat.

There are on the market some food supplements for cats or special meals to facilitate the removal of these hairballs but this will be discussed in future articles and if you want to bathe them, there is no problem although, as we usually like water, most likely is that bathing it becomes a pitched battle in the bathroom and you end up giving up.

And one last advice. As it is not usual to take the cats out for a walk, it is also a hygienic cat tray for cats where they can make their needs with cat litter or absorbent cat beads to avoid bad odors.

With a frequent cleaning of the sand and these pearls will ensure that no odors accumulate in the room where you place your tray.

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