How is the First Puppy Consultation in Pet Care?

How is the First Puppy Pet Care Consultation in? 

The first visit of a puppy or cat is a very special moment for us, because in addition to worship animals, imagine the puppies!

The cubs coming healthy and playful in our hospital undergo an intense screening, because in addition to examine them completely, we need to know details of how are the new owners, and how the environment in which they will live, in order to guide care health and education.

As for health, we always take care of preferably not vaccinated at the first visit, this because we prefer to vaccinate the puppy when it is already at least a week ago in the new house, have made the stool test and if positive for some worms or other parasites, such as giardia or isópora, treat it first, fix the power, if necessary, taking care to eliminate fleas and ticks or even mange if the animal is infected, treat ear problems like ear infections by scabies otodecica, check you do not have skin problems such as wounds or fungal infections, etc.

Once you consider the puppy as healthy super will start the vaccination process.

How to raise a puppy, which are the care of their hygiene (bathing, tooth brushing, cleaning of the ears), how to prevent worms, fleas, ticks or even when will be the right time to castrate him? When you go out for the first ride?

This is important information and all are part of our first visit.

As this first service already included the examination of feces, since it would be wise to bring a sample because the result comes out the same day. Our first consultation also already includes the first vaccine dose, but often detect some small health problem, we prefer to treat it before and after the animal back to the vaccination at no cost whatsoever.

The Veterinary Hospital Pet Care always think first on the welfare of pet!

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