How and when can I start to wash the kitten?

How and when can I start to wash the kitten?

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  • 1 Reasons to bathe your kitten
  • 2 The first bathing
  • 3 Means used for bathing
  • 4 Water Procedure: Economy embodiment
  • 5 Contraindications

Bathe your kitten or not to swim, bathe and if so, how? These questions become relevant when the baby taken away from the cat and bring in a new family. Up to this point all the water treatmentsfor the kid performs his mother, carefully licking their own child from head to tail. And now it is the turn of his new “parents”.

Kitty at this point it will be two months, some time is required to get used to a new home, because that two stress “one spoon” (separation from her mother and bath day) will be the baby can not afford. So a couple of months to add about another two weeks – and you can carry a mustached-striped in the bathroom.

bathing a kitten

Reasons to bathe your kitten

Do I need to wash it at all? As a rule, yes. After all, it can happen with mischievous anything. As in the song? “And yesterday I got into the tube furnace …” Here you have an excuse to atone for his first time.

The second important reason – you need to train a kitten is not afraid of water. Even if you do not have to bathe your pet often, it is useful in the future, if he finds that such pomyvka in infancy: to teach adult cat to water procedures more complicated. And if you prefer the usual kittens pedigree and are planning to participate in exhibitions, wash the cat to be quite common.

A special situation, when you bring a kitten into the house from the street. Someone abandoned or came to being in the yard, he (even if it is not two months) in need of washing with special means against fleas, mold, no parasites.

bathing a kitten

The first bathing

For the first time – it is the most important. If you can do the right thing, not to scare the kid, and he will feel pleasure from the water treatments, you will get rid of the big problems in the future.

The most common mistake – to wash a kitten for the first time in the bath. Large, with plenty of water it will certainly scare the kitten. In addition, you yourself will be very inconvenient to wash his vnaklonku, leaning over the rim and down hands down. Be sure that once you have a moment hesitated, kitty “fly” around your neck or on your head, climbing up on your hands as the trunk of the tree.

It’s best to wash your baby in a basin or sink. At the bottom you need to put a rubber mat or small towel. The temperature of the water must not be higher than 38 – 40 degrees, the “depth” – no more than three centimeters.

It will be correct if you have everything you need to prepare in advance: a big fluffy towel, shampoo, a basin of water. If you have to wash your kitten alone (although it would be more convenient for two) in advance, remove the cap on the shampoo. Zagotovte couple of cotton balls soaked in sunflower oil to plug their ears kid, or else they can get into the water. By the way, protect the eyes, brushing their corners of the mineral oil.

bathing a kitten

Ready? Now the most important thing – how to bathe a kitten. Take his hand behind the withers (as it took teeth mother-cat) and seat in a basin of water. He sits or will stand on all its four legs, it does not matter, the main thing – that his attitude was quite stable.

Wash your baby carefully, protecting your head (especially – the eyes and ears) from water. Do not operate the shower – strong water pressure may scare the kitten. Constantly talk to him ordinary, calm voice.

bathing procedure should not be too long: Shampoo “eats” Greases with hairs, and without the “coat” of your pet will not be shiny and smooth. And then there is the risk of drying out of the skin, which because of this will be easy prey to harmful microorganisms and various infections.

After pomyvka over, wrap your pet in a towel so that it was convenient to breathe and look around, in no case do not wrap the “head”. Hold the baby in her arms a few minutes to obsoh it and then put it down on the couch – he will lead themselves in order. You make sure that there are no drafts and your pet does not get cold.

And the last point: praise the kid because he was courageous and obedient (you can even slukavit bit) and encourage him something tasty, that he really likes. The pedagogical purposes.

bathing a kitten

The means used for bathing

Ordinary human shampoo to bathe the cat can not. The fact that the shampoo for people, including children and even allergy sufferers can be substances that are dangerous for the young cat’s body. Kid can be sensitive to even innocuous chemical preparations. Also it is impossible to care for the kittens to use a conditioning shampoo.

It will not work for them and shampoo, designed for adult cats or other domestic animals (eg, dogs, rabbits, horses). Sometimes trusishek, panic fear that water is used so-called dry-shampoo shampoo or spray. Their use is, unfortunately, is a half-measure, because some tasks without water still difficult to perform.

For pedigreed kittens shampoos especially meticulously selected.

One – for UK blue, the other – to the Persians, and the third – for the Sphinx. Get them in specialty stores where you can guarantee the quality of products, as well as give advice on their proper use.

bathing a kitten

Water Procedure: Economy embodiment

Sometimes, it is not necessary to bathe the pet whole, but you need to put in order only parts of the body. Here’s how to do it:

  • ears clean cotton pad and a special lotion for the ears;
  • muzzle – cotton pad and chin – Zoo shampoo;
  • ass – wipes;
  • nose – with a paper towel;
  • foot (after toilet or walking) – water in the sink;
  • eyes – wet discs, and if they are watering – cotton wool soaked in freshly tea.

bathing a kitten


If the kitten vaccination is made, it can not bathe two weeks. If castration is carried out – 10 days. If you treat your pet from denying, do not be surprised that this disease not only bathing is not prohibited, but even useful.

However, this is not quite the usual swimming, but rather – therapeutic, while it must be used means that you will recommend a veterinarian.

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