House for a cat with their own hands

House for a cat with their own hands

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  • Houses for cats plywood
  • houses for cats from newspaper tubes
  • houses for cats made of cardboard
  • Houses for cats from t-shirts

Despite the fact that your cat washes to be home, she also needs a personal “housing”. Houses for cats are useful detail of the interior for those who more than once found their pet in the wrong place at home,where it can not happen. Most likely, the cat chose this place because it seemed convenient. The optimal way out of this situation – to create a home for cats to pets will not be disturbed.

Houses for cats can be created from different materials. Choose the option that you consider most appropriate, or make just two or three different houses for cats, all pets are welcome! To learn how to make a house for the cat with your hands, take a look at the instructions of different options. You will see that to create a home for cats with their hands – it’s easy and fun!

Cat's house

Houses for cats plywood

Such houses for cats – a great option for owners of multiple pets. Especially if you have an unusually active kittens.

For starters, you need to define the pattern. To do this you need to draw some exemplary embodiments of house cats, choose the best and create the parts of the paper. If you find it difficult to imagine how it should look like, try the house for cats with scratching posts and “floors” with detailed instructions.

House made of plywood

The first stage – the creation of two booths. Preferably they were cartons and were equal in size. For the manufacture of such materials are needed:

  • plywood;
  • carpet;
  • glue;
  • waterproof material;
  • wooden pole;
  • Soft matter;
  • sintepon;
  • screws.

The first thing to be cut out of plywood – this is the bottom and the top. Then, we take a wooden pole, divide it into equal parts, and one of them attach with adhesive and screws to the side of the apex. In the first column of the booth must be right, and the second – on the left.

House made of plywood

Next, you need to make two side pieces that you need to paste first, and then attach the screws to the base, then attach them to the top of. Further metered area to the rear and front wall, cut them out of plywood, not forgetting to make a low circular or rectangular hole in the front wall and attach them.

The next stage – interior decoration. Given that the cat can relieve themselves right in your home, imposes on the bottom of such houses for cats waterproof material, such as film. It is desirable to strengthen it on the sides with glue or screws, so it does not move out. On the film should put some soft cloth.

It is advisable to put in a booth not just a piece of cloth, and a small soft mattress. It is easy to sew two pieces of fabric and padding polyester. Take pieces of matter, is sewn up on the wrong side, not capturing a small part. We gut-wrenching, put inside a little padding polyester and sewed up a small hole.

For the exterior finishing of houses for cats need carpet. We measure all sides of the booth area, not counting the bottom, cut them out and glue the carpet. It should be noted that it is required not only for decoration, but also to meet the need for sharpening claws pet. Therefore, carpet is better to find hard.

Small house for a cat of plywood

The same principle needs to be done and the second booth. It is desirable that they were identical. If you wish, you can only change the carpet.

The desire to climb higher in cats known to many of their owners. And in order not to suffer the items placed on the tables and cabinets, you need to make a “floor”. For its production will require:

  • thick woolen yarn;
  • glue;
  • screws;
  • plywood;
  • carpet.

For the conversion of posts in the scratching posts need glue and thread. Oil the bars with glue and swathes of their thread. The process should be carried out quickly, so you can correct the situation in the event of improper winding.

The last stage of the production of such houses for cats – the creation of the top platform. It’s easy – just take a piece of plywood and attach it with screws to the posts and stick on top of the carpet.

House for cats from newspaper tubes

Houses for cats from newspaper tubes – this is a great option for those who like to do needlework. But, bear in mind that in order to make this house for a cat with his own hands, it takes time and patience.

House of newspaper tubes

The first stage of wicker houses for cats – the creation of newspaper tubes. The principle is simple – we wind newspaper on needle and glue. Next, paint the tube.

From cardboard cut out a small circle – this is the bottom. To this glue long tubes 10 so that they are connected at the center point and are evenly distributed as rays. Take the phone and from the center, propletaem it around. When it runs out, it is glued to the other and continue weaving.

House of newspaper tubes

After the circle will be formed, raising up the main beams and continue weaving. To weave it easier, you can be connected to the main beams pieces of wire, making one shape.

An important element – an input for cats. Its shape can be made from pieces of wire, attaching to the wire base. So it will be easier to weave.

Lodge of newspaper tubes 2

Once a house cat is ready, you need to paint it stain, dry and something to lay on the bottom.

House cats andboard of

House for the cat out of the box – this is probably the easiest option for the cat houses. House for the cat out of the box is very easy and practical. Necessary materials for its production:

  • cardboard;
  • Scotch;
  • thick film;
  • glue;
  • carpet;
  • soft fabric for insulation.

House made of cardboard

The principle of the creation of such houses for cats is similar to the principle of manufacturing house for cats with scratching posts and “floors”. A word of advice: use a thick cardboard.

From cardboard to do five parts – the two sides, a rear wall, front and bottom. The front wall of the hole should be made in the form of input. It is desirable, low to cat crawled easily. Next, the structure and collect items conventional glue tape.

After the form is ready, paste over her carpet. The harder the carpet will be better. To house cat was stable, can be stuck to the base of a piece of plywood.

House made of cardboard

For interior trim required film and soft tissue. First plank and attach the waterproof film, and then put a warm cloth. And now, a house for the cat with his hands ready!

Houses for cats from t-shirts

This house for a cat with his own hands is not only easy to build, but also quite easy to use. After all, if it will hurt the pet, the thing can be easily replaced. Very convenient tent this cat, if you do not have the shade in the yard, and the cat likes to enjoy the fresh air.

House of t-shirts

Advice on the choice of t-shirts to make these houses for cats – choose the largest and unnecessary model. If the tent is to be outdoors, avoid dark colors that attract the sun rays.

The first thing to do – a skeleton. He created them two pieces of wire and a square piece of cardboard. Of pieces make a few triangles, do one of the tent frame and put on the bottom of a square piece of cardboard. Cartons can be replaced by a dense material, for example, a thin board.

The last step – pulling shirts. It must be placed on the frame so that the neck has appeared in the middle, because it will serve as the entrance to the house for the cats. Bottom T-shirt and the sleeves can either tie or sew. Do not forget to lay on the bottom of the matter.

Similar houses for cats can be manufactured not only from T-shirts, but also from other tissues. It would be better if it would be tight.

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